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"Here in the middle of Gemini, with Venus' tendency in Gemini to avoid depth, we have the opportunity to stop running away from our Feminine truth and claim a refuge in ourselves." ~ Adam, from ReBirth Phase event
artist: Amelie Gebhard
Dear All ~

Thank you for registering for Adam's Venus Rebirth Phase event! The webinar recordings are broken up into two videos:

1. Adam's presentation of some ReBirth Phase sky factors and major Venus astrological events and dates, as well as a review of the main themes of the current Gemini Venus Cycle of which this phase is a part
2. Adam's somatic empowerment (meditation) using a variation of his powerful Breath of the Soul practice.

The text in bold after each link is the password you will need to enter to view each video, respectively. You can bookmark these links to watch as often as you like:
Kindly keep this material for your eyes and ears only! If you would like to tell a friend or colleague about this transmission, please send them to this link. We thank you!

If you have any questions after viewing the videos, you may email them to Adam at and he'll answer them as soon as possible.

Below are a few of the important dates - the meditation (somatic empowerment) speaks for itself. Each bullet point is only one of many gems from Adam's teaching and is not a comprehensive representation of the entirely of the transmission. 

  • May 16 @ 9 Gemini - Venus returns to her Birth Phase degree from June 9, 2020
  • May 17 @ 10 Gemini - Venus will conjunct North node of the Moon and Aldebaran; it's critical we stay true to our ethics and realign with our basic precepts
  • May 19 @ 13 Gemini - Venus trines Saturn - a higher authority calls us to take a leap in a deeper embodiment of our own Feminine nature
  • May 20 @ 14 Gemini - Venus back at same place both longitudinally AND by latitude. Adams calls this the Refuge Degree, which is a "collective consciousness node," or "a multivalent archetypal reference in our collective Feminine knowing"
Venus ReBirth Phase Presentation pw: rebirth1
Venus Rebirth Phase Somatic Empowerment pw: rebirth2

Venus-Mars live event

Adam is offering a live event on Saturday, October 9 @ 6p PT for all who participated - either live or through recording - in one or both the Transmutation Phase and/or ReBirth events.

This is Adam's offer of loving support for what gets stirred up through these events, which contain more than just information for our heads..

You can pre-register for that live call by clicking the button below.
Venus-Mars Live Support Event
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