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The Venus Inception Live event Adam led last Wednesday, June 3rd, was a beautiful invitation to sync in with Venus at the seed moment of her new 19 month dance with our Sun. Adam began by sharing images and video illustrating Venus' Z-shaped retrograde movement along the horns of the Great Bull constellation, before inviting us to reflect on what we'd like to seed for the next 584 days of our collective Feminine evolution.

We received such an enthusiastic response to the meditation that we are sharing it here

20:38:56     Wonderful - thank you!!!
20:38:57     thank you so much Adam
20:38:59     Thank you!
20:39:08     Thank You
20:39:11     lovely. thank you!!!
20:39:14     Thank you :-)  So beautiful and integrating
20:39:15     Thank you !
20:39:24     Thank you!!
20:39:42     so much gratitude 
20:40:17     Bless you… and thank you to everyone here xxx
20:40:37     ✌️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍💞

Fee free to pass it on to anyone you feel would be inspired by it!
Join Adam for a LIVE transmission

June 9, 2020 ~ 8:35p-10:00p PDT

on what the first half of the new 19-month Venus Cycle
is offering human evolution. 

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The video will be shared with subscribers after the event.

birth of Venus

The event tomorrow, June 9 @ 8:35 p.m. PDT, is also FREE. Adam continues to be committed to sharing his dedication to and passion for aligning with the Venus cycle. The evolving Feminine in ALL of us provides access to new choices for how we relate with ourselves, with others and will all life. 

eclipses: alterations of space-time

Speaking of choice, as of last Friday's full moon in Sagittarius, we have entered another eclipse season. This is a slightly unusual season as it consists of three eclipses, rather than the more common two. As Adam notes in his Eclipses, Lunar Nodes & the Soul video:
The single factor that determines how we will respond or react to the effect of an eclipse is CHOICE. 
Where inside us are we choosing from?
How much of our truth does our choice represent?
Is there agenda behind what we're choosing or why we're choosing?
In this teaching, Adam addresses what eclipses portend for us and how we as individuals can work with the potent energies before and after the actual event. He speaks to the multivalent nature of eclipses and demonstrates how the nodes may be considered vortices which when activated by the proximity of the Sun and Moon, alter the rules of space-time!
track with the new Venus Gemini Cycle Calendar!
Nowhere else will you find as comprehensive a calendar on the Venus cycle as this one. Adam kept the price-point low considering the amount of work he put into crafting it so that as many individuals as possible can follow Venus through her current cycle -- one of the most important in our history.  
sample page from the Gemini Cycle Calendar/Ephemeris
Get your copy here
Andrea is hosting a Venus circle and you're invited!

We will follow Venus' movement throughout Her cycle, learning about the basic Sky Factors and how the changes in her brightness, speed, sky appearance, latitude and elongation help define and create meaning for her phases. 
  • Learn your natal Venus phase and watch your chart Venus come alive as never before!
  • Explore the of interface between your personal birth phase and the collective need of this time
  • Lots more! 
  • No monetary commitment, except purchase of the Venus Gemini calendar for tracking the cycle
  • Meet every other week for duration of cycle; meeting frequency may be adjusted according to group needs
  • All levels of astrology welcome
  • All gender identities welcome
Email Andrea at for more info or to register. 


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The video will be shared with subscribers after the event.
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