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Next week Mars reaches his closest to us on Earth, brightest in our skies and longest visibility (from sunset to sunrise) than at any other time. This is a once-in-two-years event that peaks the motivation of our internal Mars, our inner Sacred Masculine self, to materialize in our lives. 

If you're new to my work, I write and teach a lot on Mars and Venus at several levels:

  • How they manifest and guide us through our outer lives,
  • How their healing gifts are everywhere within our inner lives, and
  • How they symbolize the core substance of our sacred lives, our inseparability with all Life.

I'm enthusiastically encouraging you to attune yourself to your inner Masculine for the next week and a half, through December 12, and ESPECIALLY on December 5-9, when Mars will be exactly opposite the Sun, placing us on Earth precisely in between them:

This is a preciously powerful opportunity to bring to light:   what    is    just     not    working    anymore with how we are working, what we're working for, what we're working towards and why.

In fact, this entire Mars Cycle, from October 2021 through November 2023, is a Scorpio Cycle:  its function is to immerse us deeply in experiences of where we're coming from (lower or higher self) when we do the things we do and make the choices we make. The whole point is to bring to light what we have kept in darkness from ourselves (about ourselves and others). 

"This Scorpio Cycle of Mars can usher in a stronger commitment ... to being individually responsible and empowered, rather than relying on an authority for our security. For the duration of this cycle, humanity will be confronted – through public and private battles for power, dominance or control of resources –  by a string of catalytic revelations about itself, its history and its future. As a result of this core drive within collective consciousness, it is likely there will develop many small collectives or specialized groups focused on a shared goal, perhaps representing a fundamental aspect of physical life that its members value deeply (ie. local food coops, trustworthy financial system, shared cleaner energy, effective resources for healing abuse or trauma, or even local techno incubators)."  
~ excerpt from the Scorpio Mars Cycle Calendar

To go further into the experience and meanings of Mars at this, His transformational portal with the Sun, here are some options from the store:

Mars' Transcendence Phase (video) - Live lecture recording on this seminal phase of the Mars Cycle (the Masculine's "underworld")

Mars Scorpio Cycle Calendar (pdf)  - my labor of love I create for the start of every Mars-Sun Cycle, is by far the most comprehensive one yet! Current through October 2023.

The Phases of Mars (video) - A great explanation-dive into the Mars Cycle through each of the 13 Phases.

Transcendence: The Archetype of Masculine Transformation in the Mars Cycle (pdf) - An extensive explanation of Mars opposite Sun at multiple levels of consciousness. 

The Mars Course - For the serious student! This is my Mars Cycle & Phase Training Course: comprehensive, multi-leveled and utterly thorough presentation of the Masculine within us.

Mars Phase & Chart Delineation (video) - For astrologers and astrolytes, a live recording of my delineation of natal Mars integrated into Mars' Phase for five participants.

Excerpts from the Scorpio Mars Cycle Calendar:

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