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A Prayer on Interdependence Day

May we vividly see others as our selves.
May we live the idea of Self as a life of Selflessness.
May we devote our thoughts to understanding, our words to truthfulness, and our actions to peace.
May all of our experiences serve the awakening of all Life everywhere.
May we walk into each moment as if the only truth is All of us.
May we each live this day in celebration of our Diversity and in reverence of our Oneness.

by Adam Gainsburg
"Inter-dependence"..... it's a nice, maybe "spiritual-sounding" word. Means that everything that takes a form, gross or subtle, actually is dependent on everything else for its existence. Might also mean we can't do our lives alone, that we need others. 

But the reality is that "interdependence" is an advanced lesson in the school of Human. Why? Because every new exposure to just how dependent we are on everything else in Life will quickly confront our stuck beliefs in our independence and all the fun ego games we still enjoy playing on ourselves. 

The actual reality of creating our lives day to day not from the isolated "I" but from the interdependent "I" requires commitment and unwavering honesty in all the subtle ways we keep ourselves separate (better or worse equally) than others, when we don't actually have to, any longer. 

So, if you are a person who actively looks for where you're uncomfortable, for where your edges are, not because you should but because it's the most fun you'll ever have at your own laughing expense, then I invite you to open your Heart to each and every place in your life, internally and externally, that you are now ready to trade in comfort for more of your truth, to begin allowing more of you to come forward into our world. 

Thank you for your interest in what I offer and Being more of Who You Are.

With Love,
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