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what are we doing? 

Natal Venus (Feminine) shows us how/why/where we are meant to BE ourselves, while natal Mars (Masculine) shows how/why/where we intrinsically DO ourselves.

Whether you are an astrolyte or not, you may have heard of the upcoming Mars retrograde (Rx station is on September 9). Mars retrogrades are less frequent than those of all the other planets; retrogrades in Aries are even more rare due to the speed at which He travels through the signs closest to his perihelion (a planet's perihelion means it is closest to the Sun that it gets in its orbit). The next time Mars will be retrograde in Aries after 2020 will be 2067. In other words, we are being invited to listen deeply to what our Masculine evolution has in store for us at this time in human history. How can we align our DOing to engage the greatest strengths of this highly empowered Mars?

Adam has a fantastic free article covering the Masculine and Feminine archetypes on the Soulsign website. 
Mars Phase + Chart Live Class
August 13, 2020

6:30p - 7:30p PDT / 9:30p - 11:30p EDT
11:30a - 1:30p AEST

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get your mars on 

Adam will be teaching a class over Zoom to illustrate how to delineate natal Mars using chart factors in concert with the natal Mars Phase. This class will be incorporated in the comprehensive Mars program Adam will be unveiling September 1....more to come on that soon!

We will randomly select 5 registrants' charts as the sample charts to use for the class, so register now to be eligible for your chart to be chosen!  
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briefing from agent 46

Adam will be presenting a webinar for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency on the Mars Retrograde period titled, Advancing into the Past, Guaranteeing a New Future. He will be speaking to the Sky Factors of Mars during this stretch of His Journey, and provide additional context of this period within the larger framework of the current Libra Mars Cycle.

As with everything Adam offers, this will be a rich presentation filled with information on sky Mars as well as chart Mars you won't find anywhere else, including a guided inquiry into Mars' retrograde station on Black Moon Lilith!
more on c*i*a webinar here

centered in self

Adam's work with vibrational essences is decades-long. From ongoing customized essences for repeat clients to folks who just want some alleviation from Pluto transiting their Moon (and who wouldn't?!) plus everything in-between, Soulsign Vibrational Essences have been incorporated by many in their daily regimen to support them during trying times or simply assist in building relationship with underdeveloped aspects of their being. 

If you are finding it difficult to maintain your center in an increasingly polarized environment, Soulsign has a number of options for personal support, including essences such as Wholeness
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