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Adam's meditation on October 13th for Mars' Transcendence Phase was an incredible opportunity to invite our Sacred Masculine to be present in our heart, body and mind. 

From this place of intimacy with our Sacred Masculine, Adam invited us to tap into and identify what it is we would like to materialize over the second half of the Mars cycle, which lasts for another full year (ending October 7, 2021).
"So thankful for this! Such a profound experience for me!" 
"Thank you for this blessing."
"Gratitude to you for this energetic blessing Adam."
"Thank-you Adam. Love your work."

Chat comments from Mars Transcendence Meditation

We had a very large turnout, with some of our European friends even getting up at 3 or 4 a.m. local time to join live! Thank you to everyone who made it for your intention, presence and love which helped to create to the space. Thank you to all of you watching the replay, and contributing YOUR good intentions, presence and love to the Field! 
"Thank you Adam! Beautiful & helpful."
"Thank you for offering this experience to us. I am grateful for your guidance & love."
"Thank you Adam. That was profound."
"oh! my! that was amazing! thank you for this experience."

Chat comments from Mars Transcendence Meditation

Adam concluded the meditation with an invitation to widely share any blessings we receive from it.

He invited us to revisit the meditation at any time, as what is seeded now will inform and support us through the second half of the Libra Mars cycle.

May we All be blessed by the deepest connection to our Agency and Purpose!


Adam's Chiron & Mars Rx in Aries webinar is available now!

At a base level, Mars' current transit backwards through his own sign of Aries is a mirror for explosive attacks rooted in suppressed, defensive fear. Yet these lash-outs can be avoided IF the individual or group owns up to how afraid they are underneath ideology and righteousness. And there is no better astrological agent for getting underneath our beliefs in order to find our actual truth than Chiron.

"Deep gratitude, that was so enlightening and powerful."
~ Amanda, webinar attendee
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