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"The masculine and feminine are the fundamental principles that make up everything; that is why we have winners and losers. When it comes to something like the eternal masculine nature of consciousness, listening and watching will forever be an inadequate, insufficient means of taking in that information."

The Live Q&A was wonderful - so many great questions asked, new insights emerged and the curiosity and enthusiasm of the folks gathered were palpable! It is now available for viewing on Vimeo! You will have access to this video indefinitely. It requires a passcode for access, which is marsq&a.

Some of the awesome questions and highlights of the Q&A:

  • How does the sign of the cycle get carried through the entire cycle and why is it the sign at the Birth Phase that influences the cycle rather than the sign at the Sun-Mars conjunction (Inception Phase)?
  • Adam spoke of possible unconscious tendencies of Mars to want to subjugate/fight/overcome relative to the sign consciousness of the Inception and Preparation Phases regardless of which Mars Phase we were born into
  • Adam provided some examples of how Mars can manifest differently within a unique phase (Mars in Phase is always subject to and influenced by chart Mars, its signatures and the karma, genetics, etc. of the individual)
  • What does it signify when someone is born in the latter phases of EveningStar Mars and Mars progresses into the next cycle within the lifetime?
  • Ways to progress the chart (secondary, tertiary, converse, etc.)
  • The scope (influence on collective) of Mars through the natal Mars phase doesn't matter so much as whether we are being true to ourselves/our dharma
  • Adam goes through the Mars Phase returns, their importance and how they might manifest for an individual
  • How does natal Mars Out-of-Bounds (OOB) affect/reflect the natal Mars Phase?
The quote at the top is taken from the Q&A video and is a gentle reminder from Adam that working with Mars astrologically -- or any planet, point, etc. for that matter -- is meant to lead us in the direction of something greater we are entrusted to make tangible and real through our unique wiring. Learning without immersing ourselves experientionally or without humbling ourselves to what we do not know around the subject robs us of a more embodied relationship with whatever aspect of our consciousness/body-mind we are working with. 
Since you have an interest in Adam's work, you undoubtedly already know this to be true intuitively or from direct experience.
Kindly keep the video for your viewing pleasure only. If you feel called, we welcome you to share your enthusiasm for Adam's work with family, friends, colleagues and/or clients. You may direct them to the website or the Store

Feel free to reply with questions/comments/concerns. We hope you enjoy the video and the Mars Course! Should you wish to receive mentoring on the material, you may also reach out to discuss options.

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