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October 4-10

I am honored to announce an online world movie broadcast for The Wisdom of Trauma featuring Dr. Gabor Maté, and a Talks on Trauma Part 2 series showcasing all new talks with over 30 expert speakers. 

There is a lot that can be said about trauma, and I am certainly not an expert. However, my years of sitting with people in beautiful -- and sometimes very painful -- places inside of themselves, as well as my own personal journey deeper into myself, has shown me the inevitability of trauma in some way for all of us.

Trauma is a freezing - a stopping of one's active participation in the moment.

Trauma, to me, is a freezing -- a stopping of one's active participation in the moment because the thing that is happening (or how one perceives what is happening) is overwhelming. That material become stored in the physical body, the emotional body, the nervous system and even in the mind (as well as the subtle bodies). Therefore, trauma is perhaps the biggest obstacle to personal wholeness because it distorts our view of ourselves. Most of the time trauma reduces our access to our innate, natural self-acceptance, self-honoring and self-love. This results in the subconscious establishment of a protection mechanism to prevent that experience from ever happening again. This mechanism is the freezing that is a hallmark of trauma. 

Over 4,000,000 people have already watched the film that highlights how trauma impacts our world and how we can begin to heal. The movie will be broadcast again October 4‒10, 2021 and will be accompanied by additional talks, panels, meditations, music and integration sessions that feature over 30+ guests. 

Find more info on The Wisdom of Trauma Broadcast

Especially as we near the end of 2021 into 2022 we can take comfort in the film's heartwarming message of how we can re-frame traumatic and painful experiences from our past (or those that we were witness to) into resiliency and empowerment as we discover what we're really here to bring to the planet at this time. 

Click here to watch The Wisdom of Trauma and Part 2 of the Talks on Trauma series.

Some of the 30+ panelists in the Talks on Trauma series:

Bessel van der Kolk, MD - Medical Director, Trauma Center Principal Investigator
Jamie Lee Curtis - Actress, Author, Podcaster, Inventor & Advocate.
Jewel - Singer-songwriter, Poet, Actress, Author & Mental Health Advocate
Richard Schwartz, PhD. - Developer of the Internal Family Systems Model
Ashley Judd - Actor, Author, Humanitarian, Survivor
Steve Ozanich - Author, Pain specialist, teacher of presence
Sharon Salzberg - Author, Meditation Teacher
Eriel Tchekwie Deranger - Executive Director and co-founder of Indigenous Climate Action
Kai Cheng Thom - Somatic Coach and Consultant, Mediator, Author
Bayo Akomolafe - Author, Teacher, Executive Director of The Emergence Network
Dr. Ruby Gibson - Executive Director of Freedom Lodge, Author, Historical Trauma Specialist
Mona Haydar - Writer, Activist, Musician, Theologian
Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD - Child psychiatrist, Neuroscientist and Principal of the Neurosequential Network
Tara Brach, PhD - Author, Meditation Teacher, Psychologist

and many others
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