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Breath of the Soul strengthens/builds our relationship to the many dimensions we exist in.

Show of hands if you've participated in and experienced any of Adam's customized Breath of the Soul meditations, either as part of a teaching or on its own?

So, you know. You know how good they are, how they work subtly yet profoundly to gently open doors to less familiar personal/interpersonal terrain.

We receive beautiful feedback after these meditations from people sharing their gratitude for the stillness, peace and clarity they receive from them. Some are opened into deep wells of grief and joy; others into the pulsing rhythm of their own greater aliveness. Each experience, just like each person, is unique.

Here's your opportunity to learn the intricacies of this simple and potent technique which will enhance your personal practice and add another dimension to your client work....

In response to increased interest from our subscribers wanting to explore the myriad benefits and opportunities afforded by the Breath of the Soul technique, this December Adam will be offering the third BOS Level I Training within two years. 


  • A comprehensive education in the Breath of the Soul as meditation and self-inquiry technique / diagnostic;
  • The spiritual and neurological triggers for why the practice is so universally applicable and how to customize it for each day's inspiration;
  • Why Breath of the Soul is a new form of pranayama, more aptly called prananiyama or "the liberating of the breath-life force";
  • A sacred blending of your innate vastness and deep groundedness... without going anywhere or reaching for anything;
  • Extensive handouts and a balanced right-brain / left-brain approach to teaching;
  • Adam's dynamic, fun and experiential teaching style
Adam incorporates the latest research along with ancient teachings on the Breath - as well as insights from his own experiences and refinements with the Breath of the Soul. 
sample handout from BOS Level I Training material

Here is a glimpse of a few of the attributes of the six distinct spheres:

Superior Sphere (Above) - relation to non-Earthly source, imagination, transcendent realms

Inferior Sphere (Below) - relation to Earthly source, origins, underworld

Posterior Sphere (Behind) - karma, ancestors, repressed memories from past

Anterior Sphere (Front) - our destiny, personal intent/will, relation to future

Left Sphere - Receiving, ordering, feeling

Right Sphere - Giving, mentoring, persona

"This deceptively simple meditation practice intimately reunites me with the omnidimensional vastness of my heart, while profoundly supporting me being ‘everyday human’. Adam facilitates a powerful training with utmost integrity and grace – I am forever grateful. " ~ Jill Sieden, 2018 BOS Level I Trainee
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