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Developing inner stability through deepening into our dynamic fullness is the most holistic way to ride the tides in a world of increasing uncertainty. The upcoming 3 hour Breath of the Soul™ (BOS) workshop is a perfect choice to establish and foster such resiliency. 

As a Soulsign subscriber you are familiar with Adam's heartful approach to everything he does. He shows up to every session, every teaching with an embodied offering of his gifts as an invitation to gently awaken more of ours.

This BOS workshop will be no different. A condensed and concise rendition of his more in-depth Breath of the Soul™ Trainings, you'll will leave with experiential discovery of more of your innate vastness, as well as practical approaches to use this modality to enrich your existing practice, or to be used as a stand-alone.  

July 23, 2022 @ 9a PDT
“In breath practice, the less intention for a resulting state of consciousness, the more powerful you will discover the breath is. Power here in the sense of actively awakening more and more of our relationship with lifeforce, our relationship with Love, our relationship with our body and all of life.
Just from our own breath..” ~ Adam
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As Venus is increasing her distance from Earth in the last portion of her Surrendering & Discovery Phase, Mars is slowly moving closer to Earth as he "Labors" through his Explorations Phase. Each is in the MorningStar portion of their cycle, yet their fundamental polarity is bringing them - and us - through very different challenges.

Adam spoke to this in his recent recording for the Energy Secrets for Conscious Leaders Summit; the video may now be enjoyed by all our subscribers here!

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