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Just announced!! THIS WEDNESDAY December 7, Adam will lead a live journey into this Mars Cycle's Transcendence Phase moment: Mars precisely opposite the Sun. Every two years when this happens, Earth is positioned in between our two primary symbols of inner Masculinity (of matter and of spirit), creating an undeniable field effect on Earth. Only during these fleeting alignments of just 3 days does the entire Earth inhabit - in fact becomes - the alchemical union of the Sun and Mars. 

Because this energetic dynamic is so multi-layered, Adam has taken to multiple means of describing, interpreting, correlating and transmitting to his clients and students about it over the last 15 years.

But wait... there's even more to this Transcendence Phase!....

When:  Wednesday, December 7 @ 7p-8:15p PDT
Where: online only

Wednesday's Sun opposite Mars turns out to be a rare gem amongst these special 2-year alignments. Our Moon will visually eclipse Mars for some of us while for ALL of us, the Moon will dominate our viewing experience of Mars during the very moments the Red One is precisely opposite the Sun. 


We're strongly encouraging you to join us for this precious event live or make sure to watch the video Wednesday night or Thursday if you cannot make it live with us.

Adam will explain and transmit on:

  • Mars' essential meaning at the level of our collective Masculinity
  • The Transcendence Phase's significance
  • How rare this Moon-infused Mars is and what it means for us on our Path
  • The zodiacal position of Mars at Transcendence (16 Gemini) and the Sun opposite (16 Sagittarius)
  • The Moon's role and meaning in this powerful mix
Adam will lead a guided meditation as well to find your personal connection to this event deep within the intelligence of your own body wisdom.

There will also be time for a few questions and Adam's responses during the event!
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