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There are always many "a-ha" moments when the two Adams get together to talk sky astrology. Both have a passion for planetary cycles and phases, and it's a pleasure to listen to their combined wisdom and commitment to an astrology unbound. 

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"How ready am I, You, and We together to admit in every cell of our bodies that we are the ones fueling our enemies as 'enemies', as obstacles, as infuriating challenges that won't go away?

"How much are we ready to drop in to our vow of Self - our commitment self - the part of ourselves where we are signing in blood, 'This is what I'm about,' and grow up?"  ~ Adam G. from Holes to Heavens podcast
This conversation was just the beginning... on October 2 Adam will be offering a live 75 minute teaching on the conflict -- or collaboration -- of Chiron and Mars together in Aries.
mars retrograde - coming september 9

Adam's recent webinar for the C*I*A (Cosmic Intelligence Agency) was wonderfully received! Adam is using the energy and momentum of this Mars in Aries to broaden our reach and understanding of Mars. This recent webinar focused on the upcoming Mars retrograde period including the celestial backdrop of this retrograde, the aspects Mars makes during this period and how we might experience Mars' increasing proximity to Earth. 
unifying desire & purpose

THANK YOU for making the launch of Adam's The Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose such a success! Within one week so many of you already have chosen to embark on a path to deeper discovery of your unique alchemy of Desire and Purpose.

As an additional Bonus and to support individuals in synthesizing phase+chart Mars in practice, all who purchase The Mars Course will be invited to a FREE one hour live class/study session with Adam in late 2020 or early 2021. 
Click on the image to view Adam's event calendar. Some highlights:

* Giving In or Giving Up: Living Into the Very Essence of Your Heart (HEART)
* Saturn: From Authority Over to Sovereignty Within (SKY)
* Breath of the Soul Level I Training (BREATH)

“There is a vast spiral of ultraviolet light over Mars’ South Pole,” says Nick Schneider of the University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics. “We understand the origin of the light, but its shape is a mystery.”

Enjoy this article from on the newly-discovered spiral lights on Mars!
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