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When I first heard Adam speak in 2012 at his lecture on "The Heart and the Lunar Nodes" for the Washington State Astrological Association (WSAA), I could feel the deep wisdom woven into and through his teaching. At the conclusion of the nodes lecture I immediately signed up for his "The Phases of Venus" workshop held the following day, and was once again blown away by his understanding and clear articulation of the importance of situating an individual in relationship with their broader cosmic reality.

Adam's easeful weaving of ancient astronomical observation with post-modern astrological insights stirred in me a desire to discover how the timeless and the temporal converged to manifest as "me," and how to integrate this alchemy with my clients. 


The Complete Venus-Mars Synodic Training
All these years later working with Adam's planetary phases and my own insights and planetary observational experiences has given me first-hand experience of the new vistas which open for clients when working with synodic cycles.

It is therefore immensely satisfying to announce Adam's latest multi-faceted, all-encompassing Training! It is a culmination of his vast research and experience with synodic cycles -- and the Venus & Mars heliacal cycles in particular.

  • 40 tracks in total with more than 30 hours of leading-edge information
  • Over 30 handouts
  • An option to engage in live support sessions with Adam
this is a tour-de-force from a visionary in the field of the astrological arts.

This product has four options to choose from, including the option to purchase the Venus-Mars Training only (scroll down to read the description), the Synodic Cycles Training only, the Venus-Mars Training plus Synodic Cycles Foundations, or the full Venus-Mars Training and full Synodic Course. As Adam writes in the Synodic Astrology Training description

By widening our perspective from horoscopic to synodic, we deeply reposition our clients from center-of-their-individual-universe to dynamic-catalyst-for-Universe’s-realization-of-itself through personally-embodied empowerment. 
Synodic Astrology highlights the relational nature of all life. What better time to re-member our latent gifts, our inter-connectedness, and re-new, re-write or redeem our relationships to forge the best possible future outcome for ourselves, our loved ones and clients to establish ourselves as facets of the greater human crystal!
Andrea Michelle
Discover the Beauty of Synodic Cycles!
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