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We receive lots of emails from Adam's clients, students and others who come across his work through various channels that astrology was really ignited for them after listening to him speak about his Living Sky approach to astrology. Whether it's his work with the planetary phases and sky factors of each planet, or other lesser-known considerations like brightness and planetary latitude, his teachings are fulfilling a thirst for a "fuller," more encompassing astrology which they didn't have the words for until they encountered his work. 

For those of you with a  similar interest in learning or practicing astrology in a way that transcends categorizing life into labels and demands more of your full-spectrum potential to come forward, Adam’s newest release, The Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose, will be a profoundly satisfying addition to your journey.

It is a culmination of more than a decade of work, and empowers us to live into more of our authentic and original contributions to a better world. 

drive to dharma

In Soulsign Astrology, natal Mars is our personal representative of the Masculine Principle*. Mars is our wiring for boots-on-the-ground, pure effort toward our Soul’s Desire**. Perpetually wanting to break new ground, Mars motivates us to move beyond our known - through the pursuit of excellence and ultimately, to fulfilling our Purpose, or dharma.

* in men and women
** the Desire of the Soul to experience itself through/as our unique human beingness
slide from The Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose

personal experience

It was at the inaugural Sky Astrology Conference in 2015 (SAC1) that I (Andrea) first heard Adam's teaching on the 13 Mars Phases of the Mars-Sun cycle. His work is based on his many years of personal observation both "in the field" viewing Mars directly, and with his astrology clients, where he tested out and honed the phase significations. 

During Adam’s transmission of the Mars Phases at the conference, I was surprised to find myself feeling both fear and excitement, along with a deep, visceral recognition of a "truth" which my awareness couldn’t track. In hindsight, I can say that my personal Mars (on my chart) was awakening to its/my place in a much greater ‘reality’ (in my sky) than I was previously conscious of.

Adam’s teaching-transmission was literally coming alive in my body!

This experience showed me beyond a doubt that in order to truly embody and live our astrology, it is absolutely vital to incorporate the Living (alive!) Sky which transcends mental-only insights. Just as with those individuals who email us with their stories, THIS was the astrology I’d been waiting for, which not only excited my mind but enlivened my Being! 

"Your generosity is greatly appreciated and your knowledge and teaching skills are always so simple yet so expansive. I learn so much but you make it so accessible to understand!"  ~ Laura H.
slides from The Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose

In my experience as an astrologer, merging the chart position + sky phases of the planets unites Self-Identity and Self-Essence in ways no other technique can. Adam has described it as "fulfilling both the Sky's and Earth's mutual longing for one another, within our bodies, while we are fully present." Working in this way invokes a planet's latent qualities and intra-psychic relationships, releasing it from the implicit limitations of a 2D astrological chart.

This approach also invites a more conscious relationship with our Martian DO-ing: this alchemy of Mars + Sun activates Mars’ higher octave qualities, dropping us into what is immediate, relevant and actionable through Mars’ sign/house/aspects - in service to Life. 

slide from The Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose
about the course

With over 5 hours of teachings, this self-paced program is a rich and extensive exploration of Mars at both levels of consciousness - personal evolution and collective contribution. 

What you CAN expect from this course:
* lots of real-world examples and applications from Adam's personal experience working with Mars in this way
* astronomical correlations to Martian characteristics
* an exposition of the lesser-known attributes of Mars and His role as our Sacred Masculine when understood in relationship with the Sun
* learn the four distinct "motives" of Mars based on His various sky appearances
* lots of graphics using special astronomy software along with plenty of visual aids to supplement your learning
* some examples of the variety of Mars retrograde loops
* a table of Mars Cycles and their phases from 1902-2100 so you can look up yours and others' Mars birth phase and start applying this technique right away
* bonus material, discounts to other teachings and much, much more (see full curriculum here)!

What this course is NOT:
* a cookbook recipe of Mars meanings and significations
* a "right" or "wrong" way of delineating phase Mars and chart Mars - there are as many ways to delineate phase + chart Mars as there are intuitive, kind and skilled astrologers to apply this method!
* boring, old news or something you'll find elsewhere

The benefits of tapping into, being informed by, and consciously collaborating with the sensual sentience of the sky are immeasurable.

As an astrologer, working with planetary phases is a thoroughly satisfying way to bring this sentience into your being, your work, your relationships - to use astrology to move BEYOND astrology and into

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