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Adam will discuss the astrological reflections of our "shared NOW" that are illuminating this time of Collective Initiation, while Dr. Cynthia will teach us about - and guide us into - our OmniFrame™!

meet dr. cynthia

Dr. Cynthia Miller has been on an incredible journey of discovery throughout her life, propelled by her deep desire to free herself and others of the programs of hatred, violence and abuse seeped in humanity's collective unconscious. From Dr. Cynthia's bio:

In 1974, after a near-death experience, a bolt of energy erupted up my spine, out the top of my head, reconfiguring my neural circuitry. This spontaneous kundalini awakening ignited multidimensional seeing, inner knowing, and connections to other realms.

Wanting to understand what I was experiencing, I received a Ph.D. in Cellular Transformation and the Psychology of Change in 1985. I researched psychology, quantum physics, molecular biology, spirituality, and consciousness. Since then, I've worked with thousands of clients to transform layers of sabotage, hatred, fear, and unworthiness that hide in the DNA on multidimensions. My clients' lives radically transformed into great ease, joy, and fulfillment.

Her vast and diverse lived experienced brought her to understand and develop a model of the OmniFrame™, a multi-dimensional holographic field through which each of us is uniquely connected - a field in which we are simultaneously sovereign and interdependent with all of life.

Excerpted from her memoir, Unseen Connections: From Pain and Violence to Joy:

Today, almost everyone is run by unconscious neural programs, responsible for 95% of our behavior, with the circuitry or seven-year-olds...Imagine 40 million nerve impulses per second originate deep within, from the soul essence. They have to travel through the personal and collective unconscious to bubble up to consciousness. Only 40 nerve impulses per second make it up to consciousness. When we clear the Bottom Sludge*, more nerve impulses have the possibility to become conscious. What will happen when we have more conscious nerve impulses....?

I'm slowly moving into my OmniFrame™. With each move, more parts of my body unwind, disconnect from the inherited and childhood circuitry, and connect in a new configuration into my OmniFrame™ to create a new reality. It's a change in the wiring in my entire body--a shift in the consciousness in every cell. 

* Dr. Cynthia will explain the Bottom Sludge during Sunday's event
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