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Breath of the Soul is back!

Adam is offering a BOS Level II Training - the first in many years - the weekend of July 31 - August 1. The Level II Training offers a deep intimacy with one's timeless Self, a cellular bridge between our innate higher consciousness and the profound simplicity of fully inhabiting one's Body with an open mind and heart.

More than ever, the times we find ourselves in call for grounding in our innate wisdom to wade through the rush of (dis)information coming at us from many fronts. Breath of the Soul uses our gentle breath as both diagnostic tool and discrete medicine all in one, inviting more of our endogenous wisdom to gracefully emerge and inhabit our greater field.

In the Level II Training, Adam will revisit each of the fundamentals of the practice from a more experienced, somaticized or fluent position and set the groundwork for incorporating BOS into an existing professional practice.

Completion of the Breath of the Soul Level I Training is required to register for the Level II Training. If you'd like to do both Trainings, please email us at to get 20% off the price of both.

Although live attendance is preferable, all registrants will receive the recordings in the event you cannot attend some or all of the Training.

"You are a gift Adam…not only in the depth and breadth of your deeply articulated and refined original work, but in the sincerity of transmission you carry [in it] through your earnest living of it. Every aspect of my life has shifted drastically on the most causal levels since coming in contact with your work and with you. Thank you for being so available.~KZ
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