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"For the duration of this cycle, humanity will be confronted – through public and private battles for power, dominance or control of resources –  by a string of catalytic revelations about itself, its history and its future."
~ excerpt from the Scorpio Mars Cycle Calendar


The latest Mars Calendar, my labor of love I create for the start of every Mars-Sun, is by far the most comprehensive one yet. Each of Mars' 13 phases is described from multiple levels, all of Mars' sky factors* (speed, brightness, Earth proximity and more) are included by date and within its respective Phase, all aspects Mars forms with planets and the major asteroids are listed by date and much more! In addition, due to the innate qualities and challenges of this particular Mars Cycle (Scorpio), I wrote 4-5 pages describing what will be changing and being challenged in consciousness, how these challenges will manifest and what it will mean for our future as a species.

Excerpt from the Mars Scorpio Cycle Calendar

Early readers of these comments have shared with me privately of the rarity of reading so forthright a description of what may come. This was surprising for me to read as I am not a mundane or predictive astrologer so am quite uninformed about the level of specificity and general tone that astrological predictions carry these days. I feel that what I was able to describe in this section of the calendar will be extremely helpful for those who may not be prepared for the breadth and depth of change coming to our world. 

As always, my sincere gratitude for your interest in my work!

Clear Skies, Adam 

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In February 2022, transiting Pluto will perfect on the natal Pluto position of the United States' 'birth' chart (it's founding on July 4, 1776).

This is a big deal.

Adam gave a 40 minute presentation back in early September covering not only the potential outcomes of this major transit (including each of Pluto's 3 passes over 'natal' Pluto), he also suggests that the forming of the United States was designed as a "grand experiment in localization" that got derailed.

Can we get back on track? What does this mean for the rest of the world? Who were the architects of this experiment?

Click here for more of Adam's mind-heart-blowing insights into the impending U.S. Pluto return. 

Go to the U.S. Pluto Return Presentation
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