Seamlessly merging Science & Spirit, Adam's teaching style engages both left and right brain hemispheres for an optimized learning experience. 
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Yogis, shaman and healers from antiquity all knew of the power inherent in one of the most important autonomic functions of our body: our breathing.

In the Breath of the Soul Level I Training happening THIS WEEKEND, Adam will take us on an immersive deep dive into the gross and subtle nuances of the breath, offering information and direct experiences which will forever change our relationship with this incredible healing tool most of us take for granted.

Seamlessly merging Science & Spirit, Adam's teaching style engages both left and right brain hemispheres for an optimized learning experience. 

If you are interested in learning more about unleashing the potential of the breath -- a healing tool we all have as our birth right -- join Adam and other pulmonauts for a journey of discovery into the mental-emotional-spiritual gifts of our Soul's Breath.

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"I would recommend the Breath of the Soul Training to anyone looking to deepen into their own personal heart’s journey, or helping their clients to do the same." 
~ Abigail Thiess, BOS Level I Trainee
Join us on this Journey!

from Andrea

As this Capricorn lunar cycle wanes, we can reflect upon where it began: with the January 12 New Moon with Pluto at 23-24 Capricorn, and the Full Moon on the 28th at 9 Leo/Aquarius with Venus-Pluto in a tight conjunction at 25 Capricorn and square with Eris. Eris is now drawing us beyond current definitions of Power. 
We can view these representatives of the Feminine (Moon and Venus) in these lunations as an invitation to use our Feminine wisdom to transform existing power structures by reclaiming the Feminine nature of the sign of Capricorn. That Venus' Immersion Phase begins during this lunation is such beautiful synchronicity. The Immersion Phase is where we first begin to dig into and un-Earth our own center of Power within - within the "earth" of our body - to tap into the Power underneath the existing power structures we see on the surface. 
The Feminine is naturally attuned to Earth Magic. This lunation cycle in conjunction with the start of Venus' disappearance from our Morning Sky is the start of re-establishing our relationship to the magic of Earthly existence.
If you missed Adam's live webinar on the significance of Venus and Mars changing phases around the same time, you may still purchase the video recording here

A sampling of the many insights from Adam's teaching:
  • When you really expand and get very earnest about looking at the feminine and the masculine, it is much more than gender, it much more than any tantric practice or ritual - it's a cosmological understanding of the entire universe.
  • For many people, knowing what they're here for is extremely scary, perhaps the most frightening thing in their entire lives, yet Destiny Challenge Phase is a time to really open up to that.
  • The next 50+/- days or so is a VERY good time to align/devote yourself to your deepest truth/knowing  - must be cosmological or spiritual, not materialistic.
  • Effects will last through March 23 or longer; be conscious, courageous RESPONDERS not CONTROLLERS
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