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This is Andrea Michelle. I am personally beyond excited to introduce Adam’s latest offering:  A SkyBody Experience™: Desire as Empowered Purpose.


With a scope unlike anything he’s offered until now, A SkyBody Experience™: Desire as Empowered Purpose is a living alchemy of the core intelligences that comprise Soulsign: the Living Astrological Sky, our Open Heart Experience and our Soul’s Breath.

This Course is a collaboration with Katherine Zorensky, a womb shaman, author and doula who has been guiding hundreds of women and men into soul through classical tantra and western shadow work for over a decade. Her current platform, Technology of Love, is a combination of spiritual science, emotional alchemy, and elemental wisdom woven into a powerful method of realized embodiment.

"Desire is much more than just what we want. It is the primordial intelligence - the 'drive' - of the universe that propels humanity into our full awakening AND incessantly motivates every cell in our bodies to be relentless in our experience of Life, Truth and Love - directly, completely, passionately."
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Every facet of this course was crafted with devotional intention by Adam and Katherine. They have paired catalyzing astrology transits with potent somatic practices to effectively cross the divide between astrology-as-intellectual-understanding and astrology-as-personally-embodied wisdom.
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Please consider joining us if you are:

  • Ready to catalyze the power of your authentic Desire in every area of your inner and outer life;

  • Deeply called to further unify your feminine and masculine polarity wherever it leads you inside yourself;

  • Genuinely committed to embodying your awakening in every cell of your body;

  • Drawn by an intrinsic devotion to contribute to the fate of our planet and our species.

I'm a YES!
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