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Recent conversations with several astrologers, some in the US, some in Europe, and a few in Australia, all corroborate that a LOT more people are seeking qualified astrologers these days for personal guidance in these systemically transformative times.

I recorded this short video sharing my two cents about certified Soulsign Astrologer™ Andrea Michelle Haeckel, a naturally gifted, passionate practitioner. She is fiercely inquisitive and intelligent and deeply devoted to assisting others in becoming more of who they are. 

Maybe most of all, she is deeply caring of others' unfolding authentically. In my experience, she would stop at next to nothing to help anyone who shows a genuine interest and willingness to look at themselves and their life differently to become more of who they really are.

"Andrea Michelle is someone who is incredibly passionate about the power of astrology not just to inform us of who we are, but to actually help us change our lives." ~Adam

From Andrea:

Having studied astrology for over 12 years and been fully immersed in Soulsign Astrology for 5 years now, I continue to be inspired by Adam's immense dedication to the living sky with techniques that bridge ancient and post- postmodern astrology/astronomy. He has forged his own relationship with the heavens and alchemized teachings which are timely and relevant to our human unfolding. 

My personal relationship with the living sky has been strengthened by and corroborates his findings, underscoring the accessibility and ubiquity of his insights and methods. I've experienced first-hand the profundity of incorporating his planetary sky factors and phases in my client work. 

Feel free to get in touch to learn how to take advantage of a special discount on sessions through January 31...I look forward to playing with you!

I am a devotee of the happiness, grace, courage and wisdom play of our Deep Heart.
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"You have the ability to combine your deep, profound knowledge about astrology (facts) with your gentle, open heart (compassion). The way you communicate is very powerful, clear, considered and smart.
A killer combination. " ~ Amélie

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Adam is very enthusiastic about Honeycomb Collective's products. They are an integrous, creatively-talented small company elevating astrological journals and calendars into a beautiful collaboration between astronomy and art.

**Soulsign receives no affiliate commission from Honeycomb, we simply enjoy and want to support their efforts to provide beautifully designed and functional astrology-based calendars!

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The Breath of the Soul Training has been rescheduled to February 6-7, 2021.

More information coming in January!

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