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It's hard to believe we're in the final stretch of 2020...

Listed below are the three remaining Events in a very busy year for Adam and Soulsign. We hope to see you at one or more of them!
Fuel * Angle * Tool Technique for ISAR Star Club

Adam's been invited back to lecture for ISAR's Star Club, this time on an astrology technique that he originated some years back and is revisiting with a fresh look!

He'll be introducing this unique technique that gives any astrologer the ability to quickly assess a native's essential wiring for a strong relationship between their inner and outer lives and the facets of personality comprising each one.

More info/registration here!

Awakening the Heart's Bodymind

The amount of change each of us is now living inside of is unprecedented. Physiological and energetic balance is constantly being renegotiated between our mind, nervous system and emotions. But many successful people as well as those who yearn to be of more personally-fulfilling service to others don’t have the tools to foster more fullness, depth or innate enthusiasm as their natural response to increasing stressors and deepening uncertainty. 

In this 3-hour experiential workshop, Adam will first explain and then facilitate experiences into both the Body and Mind of our innate Heart’s Intelligence. When we make this Intelligence the center of our life, very different perspectives and experiences await. What used to be of critical importance for all of our life can instantly fall to the periphery, and what used to remain just outside awareness now may dominate each moment.
From Adam, “I’m excited about what can happen in this workshop because this is the first time I feel the green-light to share some of the inner tech I’ve been exploring and refining since February of this year. But I don’t want to give the impression that any tool can get us where we want to be — it’s always and only OUR AVAILABILITY to change the channel that makes the difference. Tools are cool, but they are not the answer.”

More info/registration here! 

Breath of the Soul Level I Training

This training is structured for counselors, therapists, healing-arts and meditation practitioners who want to facilitate the practice for their clients and students.

The Breath of the Soul Trainings deliver a complete experiential education of the practice in its neurological, spiritual and quantum dimensions. The trainings rely on trainees’ direct experience in concert with the cross-disciplinary education in various fields.

As a meditation and deep therapy technique, Breath of the Soul is currently used by psychologists, yoga teachers, hypnotherapists, animal communicators, social workers, meditation instructors, and sound healers with their clients and students.

** Click here for a short audio of Adam explaining the Breath of the Soul Level I Tranining in more detail.

More info/registration here!

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