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Adam has been working with(in) relationship for many, many years. Through Mars and Venus, our Masculine and Feminine avatars and their cycles, as well as in his practice counseling many individuals and couples and his personal path in relationship, Adam is steeped in the promise, pitfalls and practicalities of inner and outer union.

Although Adam has been offering Mars-Venus attunements since 2004 (see below) as well as Inner Marriage Sessions, only in the last several years has he begun to share his Soulsign Map of Relationship publicly in teachings. Along these lines, we are delighted to introduce some new offerings in the Soulsign Store, under the fresh category of Astrology of Relationship.
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We are in the early stages of a great opportunity to not only re-write but live an emergent social reality. Yet a society is only as robust and coherent as the individuals who comprise it. Relationship begins with those immediately around us, and most importantly - with ourselves. 

Intimate partnership is a potent playground for growth. Quite often, however, what we call successful partnership is a circular model of negotiations and re-negotiations between parties to establish a  mutual 'comfort-zone'.  When we risk more honesty with ourselves, we may recognize that -- more often than not -- we are working hard to remain in control in an attempt to avoid the discomfort of vulnerability, because vulnerability is a doorway into parts of ourselves we haven't wanted to know. 

For those interested in relationships which deepen our practice of true intimacy while connecting us to something larger than ourselves, you will want to check out Adam's Full & Whole Relationships and Awesome Relationships in 3 Acts. In the former, Adam introduces the Soulsign Astrology Map® for ascertaining relationship potential; in the latter, he introduces the three general stages of relationship. Visit the product pages for additional information as well as video and audio samples from the teachings! 
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If you would like a taste of Adam's many years working with the Mars and Venus cycles separately and in tandem, you'll love listening to his Mars-Venus Attunements, starting back in 2004! These are Adam's loving offerings to the Masculine and Feminine expressions in each of us. 

Through our willingness to be vulnerable we access our Heart, where the dynamic, opposing forces of masculine and feminine not only co-exist but inter-relate and co-create! 

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Nowhere else will you find as comprehensive a calendar on the Venus cycle as this one. Adam kept the price-point low considering the amount of work he put into crafting it so that as many individuals as possible can follow Venus through her current cycle -- one of the most important in our history.  
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"I am grateful for such a synchronistic and thorough reading. His depth of transmission and clear articulation illuminated and activated so much for me. It is rare to find such a true support that I feel opens me to the next levels of my own expansion and expression."
~ Katherine Zorensky, after Inner Marriage Session
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