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APRIL 2021
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SWC April Business Meeting
Thursday, April 1, 5:00pm
(room opens at 4:45pm)
RSVP by 3/28
Meeting ID: 360 858 5750
Passcode: SWC event
One tap mobile: +16699009128
Kim Huff

If I thought February passed quickly, the month of March went by even faster!
What a fabulous March Business Meeting we had, with great attendance. Thank you to Karen Roark and the Architectural Liaison Committee for presenting the final details and proposed budget for the Sprinkler Replacement and Roof Project, slated for this summer. The members asked thoughtful questions and unanimously approved the project. As of now, the contracts have been received and a grant request made to the Preservation Society for approval. Thank you to our members for all the great contributions received over the last few years. When Past President Alice Merrill went on a mission to raise $100,000 when she was president, who really knew we’d spend that bucket of money in one fell swoop? 
This month we had engaging programs, including some newly added ones. Thank you to all our members who brought in great ideas and added them to our calendar.
We had the co-sponsored program with Sausalito Village and Sausalito Rotary on Planned Giving with Marin Community Foundation, the Fire Preparedness and Evacuation program with Southern Marin Fire Protection District, and Laurie Tandy organized an Olive Oil Tasting with San Anselmo’s Amphora Nueva. And the highlight ...the 108th Annual Founders’ Day Celebration! All the programs that were recorded are listed at the end of the newsletter below.
Thank you everyone! The programs that happened after the newsletter submission date, I will fill you in at the April Business Meeting with those details. Speaking of the April meeting, please be sure to attend—the slate for the 2021-2022 Board of Directors will be announced—don’t miss it!


Founders' Day Unlike Any Other

This years Founders’ Day was indeed a highlight for all members who attended from far and wide—and especially me! Where to begin?! Thank you to the most amazing board of directors who really pulled off a miracle.
This was expertly written and produced by Candace Curtis. When I asked Candace to be a director of Special Projects this year, she had no idea she would be so busy. Holly Stewart was our director of Zoom (I bend low in a deep bow to her) and we would have been at quite a loss without her. Susan Watson and Sela Seleska, along with members of the board, organized a beautiful meal for members who ordered them, including delivering them to those unable to pick-up. Lucinda Eubanks created a unique watercolor cover to accompany the event program by Alice Merrill.
The smart, talented and insightful 2021 Newbies got a “taste” of what a Jinks looks like by watching classic shows and finding their favorite scenes. We can’t wait to meet these fabulous women soon and see them on the stage themselves next year! 
Past President Susan Daniloff was Mistress of Ceremonies and gave tribute to our past presidents, honored members and founders like never before. My very dear friend and fellow Jinks conspirator (and so much more) Linda Ojeda brought me to tears with a beautiful introduction and tribute, which was so unexpected. 
Thanks to Roberta Maloy for singing the Collect and Jean Capron for accompanying her, and to the always elegant Millie Zinman for reciting the Pledge. Elin Hyytinen and Andy Dudnick performed a beautiful new song, “Tea at the SWC.” The Newbies and Elin performed “Here’s the Story” zoom-style, and Ann Arnott ended the show by singing “Together.” I couldn’t have been more touched to have these amazing women help celebrate the day. 
This is just the beginning. Please see the beautiful program for a full list of thank you’s.

After the past year we have all experienced, it was such a joy to feel a little bit of “normal” again.

On behalf of the members of the SWC, I thank these tireless women for making this day so special for all of us.
Julie Carlson

Yearbook Updates     
Cee Kuntson – new address & mobile: 120 Bulkley #208, 415-360-4777
Kate Powell – 2079 Lemonberry Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92009, 415-306-3943
Nancy Terry – mobile: 415-966-7052 update: Unit #232
New Member Welcome
Join us at the April Business meeting to welcome:

Cynthia Nimmo
417 Napa Street | 415-847-1506 |
Sponsors: Teri Lang, Susan Frank, Johanna VonderMolen
New Member Applicant
In March, the Board had a positive first voting, and we had an Applicant Gathering for
Lucinda Chapman
47 Atwood Avenue | 404-210-2527 |
Sponsors: Jan Sargent, Christine Linder, Lucinda Eubanks
We have openings!
  • I have applications
  • Please contact me if you’d like to be a sponsor
  • We are indebted to everyone who sponsors a new member
Janet Chapman, Acting Chair

First of all, let me thank the wonderful SWC members who have generously sent in donations to Preservation! This month, we’re working with Architectural Liaison to review and move forward on the Grant Requests for our SWC clubhouse roof. We also continue to thoroughly monitor our financials in anticipation of the funds that will be needed. We are so grateful for additional donations in any amount that will help us reach this important goal! 
For those of you who would like to know more about the Preservation Society and our mission as an independent 501 (c) (3), I am pleased to announce that we have developed a new color brochure that incorporates the famous Russell McMasters photographs, taken when he served as our Community Member. We have a supply in the drawer of the desk at the front door so please feel free to take one!
Our SWCPS Nominating committee, chaired by Dana Whitson, is also hard at work, recruiting a few members to fill expired terms. Please reach out to Dana if you are interested in joining us!
Other members are hard at work cooking up plans for some great Preservation events in late 2021 and 2022, if all goes well.

Kathi Fortmann, Chair

Traditionally, the Scholarship Board meets in April to choose the scholars for the following school year. This year we will gather via Zoom for the selection. Twenty-five students have applied for scholarships. Of these,15 are graduating high school seniors, 12 are prior scholars and 6 are reentry students. The SRF application is similar to a college application; it includes a transcript of grades, two teacher recommendations and an essay.

Among the prior scholars is one of our stars, Malachia Hoover, now a wife and mother, who is continuing to pursue her doctorate at Stanford University in micro neurobiology. Her sister, Allykiah Fall, is also one of our scholars.

Stephen Bordes, whom we have funded since high school, graduated from medical school and is now working as a research assistant at Tulane University Medical School while awaiting his residency in surgery.

Our Annual Awards Tea is canceled again. The tea is a highlight of the SRF year and we miss seeing the scholars and their parents.

Take care.

Shelby Van Meter, Chair

Since the March Newsletter Report, the following notes have been sent;
Ray Gergus - On the death of his wife, Honorary Club Member Margot Gergus,
Karen Solomon - Caring thoughts during husband Bob’s illness,
Carla Berman - Good wishes during husband Jerry’s recovery from surgery,
Nancy Terry - Good wishes on her continuing recovery, and
Agnes Kaprielian - Caring thoughts on the anniversary of husband Leonard’s death.
Sweet springtime is my time is your time
is our time for springtime is love time and viva sweet love
e e cummings

Karen Roark, Chair
Thank you to the SWC Board and the SWC membership for approving a $220,000 budget for our large project. This work is solving 3 issues; replacing failed sprinkler pipes embedded in the roof, filling the 30” Dutch gutters to prepare for a continuous pitch shake roof and installing an external hanging seamless copper gutter that collects water outside the structure of the roof. It is definitely expensive, but it will rectify chronic drainage problems, and will be a beautiful roof that is very fire-retardant.
We hired Carolyn Kiernat, principal, at Page and Turnbull, to present our project to the Historic Preservation Commission for a Certificate of Appropriateness. She is working on this now. We have supplied her with architectural drawings and roof history from our SWC minutes. Carolyn is the perfect fit for our project as she has served on the Sausalito Historic Landmarks board and knows the system.
Construction Schedule
Start date is June 1, subject to the city approving the project in April.
Roofer puts up scaffolding, removes tar and gravel and plywood, 2 weeks.
Fire Sprinkler company replaces copper pipes embedded in the roof, 2 weeks.
Roofer fills in the Dutch gutters, prepares the roof edge for gutters, installs gutters, installs the roofs, 4 to 8 weeks. (The 4-8 weeks might be shorter, but it doesn’t take much to slow down the schedule.)
During the entire construction, the fire sprinkler system will be turned off, subject to the building being unoccupied. Per Fred Hilliard, our Fire Marshall, this is normal during construction. At the end, the Fire Marshall will do a final inspection, the system will go back on and we can occupy the building. Our insurance company has agreed to this plan.
The Budget: Right now, the budget contingency is a woeful 1.6%, or $3,500, which is most likely insufficient. We normally build in a 10% contingency. An old building will have some surprises for us. We do have some unknows, for example, how many hours will the city bill us for talking with staff, etc.
If any of you are inclined to specifically donate to the roof project, it would be greatly appreciated by not only PS, but all of us. We are all in this together. If you have any questions about the construction, call me.

Jeni Flynn and Fran Nelson, Co-Chairs

Thursday, April 29, 4-5:30 via Zoom

Note time change: The discussion of American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins will be held on Thursday, April 29 at 4:00. Arliss Willis will lead the discussion.

This 2020 novel follows the harrowing journey of a Mexican mother and her young son who must leave behind their life and attempt an escape from a Mexican drug cartel to the United States. The author tackles many social issues. This fictional novel has also raised the controversial issue of “who is allowed to tell the story?” Come join our discussion.

Our May discussion will be Miss Austen by Gill Hornby on Thursday, May 13 at 4:00. Fran Nelson and Jeni Flynn will be the discussants.

Books by the Bay offers a 10% discount for our discussion books.

On April 8, Cheryl Popp has arranged for a Zoom presentation by Alka Joshi, author of The Henna Artist, who will be discussing her work. RSVP TO THE EVENT

Is there any book you have read, fiction or nonfiction, which you enjoyed and would like to have our SWC Book Group discuss next year? We want to hear about it!

We would also like to form a Book Discussion Committee to help select books, dates, and discussants for the programs. Please let Jeni Flynn or Fran Nelson know if you are interested in joining the committee.

Ellen Rosenstein, Chair
Help us “Soothe the Seals” by donating your old towels to the Marine Mammal Center. They use the towels in their work with the sea lions during the birthing season. During the month of April, please bring beach or bath towels that aren’t frayed or have holes to the bin at the SWC Clubhouse. Look for the bin with this adorable image on it created by Ashley Tomerlin-Caselli in the front hall.
The Marin City Library sent this wonderful thank you note to the Sausalito Woman’s Club for our donation from the Giving Tree. From what they said, it went a long way to support their programs. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this worthy program.

The Community Enhancement Committee wants to remind everyone to Shop Locally, Wear a Mask and Stay Safe!

There are lots of ways to get involved in the community. Please check out the Community Enhancement tab on the SWC website for some ideas.
Julie Carlson & Mollie Squires, Co-Chairs
In March, SWC members approved donations to two worthy organizations that support local non-profits helping with the impact of COVID in our communities.
$500 to One Tam Youth Program
In 1929, the Sausalito Woman’s Club donated the significant sum of $25 toward the purchase of Mount Tamalpais State Park and we solicited individual donations from our members. (In Marin, the average donation was $1 and larger donations $10.)  “ ... we must all give a long pull and a strong pull and pull all together ... Women's clubs stand very solidly for parks and conservation because we realize the value of such movements to human welfare.” Marian Cushing Stetson, Chair of ‘The Park Movement’ for the Marin County Federation of Women's Clubs.

ONE TAM is the community-wide initiative of the Tamalpais Lands Collaborative (TLC) to ensure the long-term health of Mt Tam through community financing and volunteering. The TLC is a partnership of the Marin Municipal Water District, Marin County Parks, California State Parks, National Parks Service and Golden Gate Parks Conservancy who jointly manage the Mt Tam watershed. ONE TAM youth programs help teach students about ecology, science and California native plants along with projects that include trail work, plant propagation, and habitat restoration.
$500 to Wild Care in San Rafael. While humans have been dealing with the COVID pandemic, Bay Area songbirds have been dealing with an unprecedented salmonella outbreak. Annually, the hospital treats thousands of animals from more than 200 different species and this year their limited resources are being stretched to the limit caring for these sick songbirds with adult and student volunteers working around the clock to save as many birds as possible. Wild Care helps thousands of wild animals recover from life-threatening injuries year-round. Wild Care programs are devoted to protecting our shared environment through nature education to local school children, support of a nationwide 24-hr hotline to help people with wildlife emergencies and numerous volunteer programs. In addition, WildCare has sent resources to help after the Northern California wildfires over the last three years. WildCare Solutions Service, assists homeowners, throughout the Bay Area, humanly control and eliminate nuisance animals.  To learn more visit
You Too Can Help: St. Andrew in Marin City has an ongoing need of protein foods to supplement what they receive from the San Francisco/Marin Food Bank. Items needed;
  • Canned tuna, chicken, salmon or any canned meat,
  • Peanut butter,
  • Shelf stable milk or canned milk,
  • Canned beans,
  • Dried blackeyed peas & pinto beans, and
  • Soups
Items can be dropped off at St. Andrew Church on Sundays between 10:00 AM and 2:30 PM. For questions, contact Tana at 415.297.9637 or Yaker at 415.601.4495. If you would like to make a monetary donation for the food program, make your check out to St. Andrew, with check notation “food pantry protein,” and send to 101 Donahue Street, Sausalito, CA. 94965.
Nancy Curran-Chair

Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park
Tuesday, April 20th at 11:30 a.m.
We will meet at the De Young for lunch and then walk a short distance to the Botanical Garden to have a docent tour of the gardens. Perhaps tea afterwards at the Japanese Tea Garden?

Sharon Seymour, Chair

Jinks Past - The History of the Jinks
The History Committee program “Jinks Past-What Fun We Had” has been rescheduled to May 12 at 7 pm. The program will be live at the SWC with a limited audience and also live-streamed for you to watch at home. Watch for details on how to register for this event.
Over the past few years, the History Committee has collected photos of past Jinks, as well as programs, scripts and newspaper articles relating to the annual show. We have scanned and saved them in our cloud storage. Thanks to all of those who contributed photos and other materials for this project. Alice Merrill, Sharon Seymour, and Pat Pennington worked to find images that illustrated various Jinks themes over the years, and Pat has done a terrific job of finding scripts, programs and newspaper articles for the collection. Dana Whitson, drawing upon everything we’ve collected, has put together a power-point presentation on The History of the Jinks. The presentation will cover when the jinks first appeared, the early years and themes over the years. The show will also present nominees for Jinksy Awards for such categories as serving costumes, best actor (not actress- that was all of us!), memorable animal acts and others. There will be live readings of poems from the early years as well as some live musical performances.  
We hope you can join us, live or online, on May 12th for this look at the History of the Jinks. Wear your favorite Jinks costume!
MaryKae Krause, Chair
Are you in need of some special care like meals delivered to you or a ride to a medical appointment or an errand run due to illness or other circumstances? Or do you know of another member who could benefit from same? If so, please contact MaryKae Krause, Outreach Chairman, at 415-332-3554 and ask her to arrange to have the appropriate services provided.
Millie Zinman
“MAJA” (Woman in Green Scarf)
Painting by Walter Kuhlman

(American 1918-2009)

Oil on canvas located in Groom’s Room
Walter Kuhlman was one of the “Sausalito Six,” a group known as “Abstract Expressionists,” who painted together from 1947 to 1950.  Richard Diebenkorn, Frank Lobdell, Walter Kuhlman, John Hultberg, James Budd Dixon and George Stillman studied, painted and exhibited together to create a body of work which represents Sausalito’s most important contribution to the history of Abstract Expressionist art.
Walter painted in Paris after the group disbanded but returned to Sausalito where he continued to paint at the ICB until his death at the age of 90. His work, together with that of the others of the Sausalito Six, stands as an eloquent testimony to the importance of Sausalito as a true artists community.
Walter taught at many universities, including Tulane, California School of fine Arts, University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, University of New Mexico, Stanford, University of Santa Clara and finally Sonora State.
His works are in the collection of MOMA, Legion of Honor, Smithsonian, Phillips Memorial museum in DC, Oakland Museum and many fine galleries.
Our club featured Walter’s works in two different Salons. Walter’s painting hanging upstairs was a gift from Walter as a thank you for our efforts on his behalf. Walter donated the painting from one of our Salon’s display boards which he graciously delivered it to us to preserve and honor his works.
Julie Carlson and Laurie Tandy, Co-Chairs
A friendly reminder from your Sustainability Committee…

7 Principles of a Climate-Friendly Diet

Diet for a Hot Planet by Anna Lappé - The link between climate change and the food we eat is direct. The entire global food chain may account for roughly one third of what’s heating our planet.
#1 Eat Real Food – Choose food as close to its natural state as possible, minimally processed and not chemical laden. Choose meat and dairy from humanely raised animals that are grass fed or fed organically grown food. NOTE: Food processing is energy intensive.
#2 Eat plants Choose vegetarian or vegan options. NOTE: Nearly 20% of greenhouse gases come from livestock production.
#3 Go Organic – Organic farming nurtures healthy soil that STORES MORE CARBON, retains water and is more resilient in times of drought and flood. NOTE: Subsidies for industrial farming keep the price of industrially farmed food artificially low.
#4 Buy Local – Support your local food producers and local groceries and speak up for farmers. NOTE: In California, global warming pollution from food imported by airfreight was 500 times greater than local and is expected to grow by 70%.
Come tour Conscious Kitchen organic garden, April 15
The TCK serves Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal, and Non-GMO food to Bayside MLK and Willow Creek students, forming the first 100% organic and non-GMO school district in the country. Since Covid-19, TCK has prepared and distributed roughly 1,300 meals a day to children, seniors, individuals and families in Marin City and San Rafael.
And join us for Earth Day Awareness, April 21

Sausalito Sustainability Commission will explain what to compost and the new Single Use Plastic Ban.
By Bonnie MacGregor
Good morning Ladies! Spring is officially here! Can’t say we’ve had much winter except for that which is to remain unnamed! Actually, as of St. Patty’s Day, it has been ONE YEAR! Time to spring ahead to normal. Our marvelous ZOOM Founders’ Day event made that very clear. Everyone was bursting with energy. And oh, those hats! Special thanks to the brilliant crew who pulled it off. I was doubly thrilled that Kim and I celebrated her second round. Kim was our President the year of my Jinks, 2006!
Now, diving into the annals of 1921–the Board approved an expenditure we today are familiar with – to spend $100 to purchase new chairs. Can you imagine, $100! I wonder how many they got for $100?
The caterpillars had returned! The ladies voted to have a Caterpillar Day. Committees were formed for food and beverages – cakes, lemon juice and root beer. I gather that the kids were the collectors and were paid for their bounty.
Mrs. Loosley read a letter from the town trustees regarding discontinuing carnivals. Wonder what the letter said? Mrs. Gilbert suggested that, “We protest against having any more street carnivals.” Remember Caledonia Street fairs? A motion was carried without the Club making a formal protest to the Board of Trustees. Members Wright, Hubbard and Gilbert were to attend the meeting to assure that the protest was read. Such spunk! A few months before, they were hugging a tree and then they were cleaning up the town!
Next, they were sewing for a bazaar that was starting the next day and scheduling a Garden Fete for Tuesday the 21st.
Until next month –
These Tid Bits are dedicated to our 2018-2019 President, Alice Merrill, who began each meeting and usually events with enchanting Tid Bits from our historical annals. Many of us found these visits to yesteryear enlightening and endearing. So, I am continuing with the jaunt into our way-back through our monthly newsletter. I do hope I’m able to be as flavorful as Alice was.
A full list of club events are available on our online calendar.
You can view ALL upcoming events by clicking the link below.

Mondays, 11:00 a.m.

Rayner Needleman offers a complimentary class which varies each week to support your health and well-being with exercises for mobility, strength, balance, cardioand stretching. She is a certified yoga therapist and teacher of 30 years. Class also includes yoga based movements and breath, occasional Tai Chi, Chi Gong, relaxation and optional use of props such as weights.
Fridays, 9:30 — 11:00 a.m.

Get out on the water! Picnic after!
Friday drop-in Kayak or Paddleboard.
$25.00 per hour or the first 4 to arrive can be my guest at $15.00 per hour.
Questions:  Kathleen Maher, Chair
Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m.

Georgia is Pilates trainer at Core Pilates Sausalito and Gyrotonic trainer at The Club at Harbor Point Swim and Tennis Club.
APRIL 12 & 29, 10 - 12 p.m.

Calling all Golfers (or Wanna-be Golfers)! 

Interested in learning to play golf or want to improve your skills? Join us for a private clinic at Peacock Gap, San Rafael. Sara Yarmer, PGA of America Class A Teaching Instructor, is offering another 2-day clinic in April.

April 12, 10 am – (short game)
April 19, 10 am – (full swing)

The series includes the two classes, two hours instruction per class, limited to 6 participants. $105 per person.
Questions? Contact Karen Pero  

Exclusive Event with Alka Joshi author of The Henna Artist
APRIL 8, 4 p.m.

Free to Sausalito Woman’s Club members
Click here to register

This is a private event, so please do not share this link with non-SWC members.
Women Lit -- a popular, members-only club sponsored by the Bay Area Book Festival -- has invited the Sausalito Woman’s Club to join them at their virtual event with the transcendent debut novelist Alka Joshi, staged in collaboration with Sausalito Books by the Bay.

Joshi will discuss her bestselling novel The Henna Artist and answer questions from the audience. This is a unique opportunity to see one of the literary world’s most astonishing new writers and learn how she took the world by storm with her first novel at the age of 62.

This special event is an add-on to the SWC Book Group agenda and in lieu of their previously scheduled book group that same day. The Henna Artist comes out in paperback April 6th and can be pre-ordered at Sausalito Books by the Bay Hard cover copies are available now at the paperback price if members wish to read the book in advance of the event

While this event is being offered to SWC members for free, it also offers an exceptional opportunity to join Women Lit. A special new member offer ($75) includes a year-long membership in Women Lit, access to this private event and a signed copy of The Henna Artist which will be mailed to attendees. To take advantage of this great offer click here.

For more information about Women Lit at the Bay Area Book Festival click here.
Earth Day Awareness –
Sausalito Sustainability Commission

April 21, 5 – 6 p.m. via Zoom

Kathy Hutton from the Sausalito Sustainability Commission will share commission projects helping to address climate change and how residents can help.
Reusables are best: Kathy will discuss Sausalito’s recently passed Single-Use Plastics Ban impacting takeout food products.
Compost heals the planet: Kathy will cover challenges with recycling plastics, why some materials labeled “compostable” cannot be composted and how recycling, composting and reducing food waste helps protect our environment and slow global warming.
Please join us for an informative and motivating presentation. Invite your friends!
Questions: Julie Carlson, SWC Sustainability Committee

April 14, 5 - 6 p.m. - ZOOM

For over 20 years, Santina Stabile has pursued her passion for cooking, both as a personal chef and popular party caterer. After classical training in French and Italian cuisines, she traveled the world, "cooking my way," as she describes it, " through many countries and studying their various cuisines." She creates her many recipes with a careful eye to nutrition, organic foods, and seasonal cuisine. 
Come Zoom with Santina in her kitchen as she prepares a light and delicious Italian meal of Farmers Market Spring Salad, Gnocchi with Arugula Pesto, and Italian berry sauce over vanilla bean ice cream
Sounds like fun? It will be!

Chair: Holly Stewart 415.690.9300
Wednesday, April 14 - 2 p.m.

Meet at the MLK Bayside Garden by the athletic field.
CK is transforming meals, feeding the Sausalito Marin City School District with locally grown organic meals. Since Covid-19, they have been feeding the larger community.
Head Gardner Vanessa Lyons will give a tour of CK gardens and share how fresh local organic food benefits land, economies and farmers. Conscious Kitchens is proof this values-based, climate-friendly, scratch-cooked, plant-forward, low-waste model is possible. (The head chief may join us with samples!)
Limited to approximately 15. Outside, masked and distanced.
Sponsored by the Donations Committee
April 26, 9 – 2 p.m.

Visit the Sonoma nursery located in Sebastopol to tour the garden and purchase Azaleas and Rhododendrons. Bring a brown bag lunch to enjoy after the tour.
Chair: Mickie Lloyd
RSVP by 4/19

MAY 1 — 11 a.m. (note date change from yearbook)


Tour the vineyard and vegetable garden of Shari Hansen in Santa Rosa. Enjoy a seasonal lunch with wine. Maximum 20 people.
May 5, 9 – 2:30 p.m.

Enjoy Filoli at its best! Tour the historical house and walk the gardens. A-la-carte lunch on the patio of Quail’s Nest Café, $27 per person.
Chair: Mickie Lloyd
RSVP by 4/28

MAY 7 — 4 - 5 p.m.
This event is not one to miss for cheese lovers!
Join us as Chelsea Fordiani, Mollie Stone's ACS Certified Cheese Professional, guides you on how to make a delicious cheese board – the local tour. She’ll be using amazing local and artisanal cheeses celebrated in the Bay Area, like award winning Marin French, Cowgirl Creamery, Point Reyes, Nicasio Valley and more! Your kit will also come with Chelsea’s favorite cheese pairings, and you’ll learn about what makes these cheeses and pairings so special. Each kit also comes with a notebook and tasting worksheet so you can capture all your favorite discoveries as you go!
We encourage lots of interaction and want guests to participate with lots of cheesy questions!
$55 per person, includes cheese tasting kit.
Please email to reserve a spot for the tasting.

May 11 - 9:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Betsy Stafford and Connie Latch will demonstrate how to rework an ordinary store-bought bouquet to fit your own personal style. $15 includes your own bouquet.
Bring clippers, a favorite medium-sized container for your arrangement, and any extra greens or flowers from your own garden, as you wish.

Limit: 12 persons
(or more depending on Covid restrictions).

RSVP by May 4. Questions, call Betsy 415-332-2924.

JINKS PAST: What Fun We Had!
May 12, 7 – 9 p.m.

The SWC History Committee presents a look at our past Jinks through a power point presentation of photos, programs, news articles and a visit from a former cast member or two! We’ll highlight re-occurring themes, and prominent directors/writers. Come in your Jinks costume if you still have it.
We are hoping to enjoy this program “in-person” in the clubhouse, based on current county guidelines.

No RSVP required.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 360 858 5750
Passcode: SWCevent

Chairs: Sharon Seymour and Dana Witson

March 24th, Matt Davis/Coastal Trails Hike
Southern Marin Fire District – Evacuation Forum
Founders' Day
GR. DANO Boutique and Design
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