See a Blessing. Be a Blessing.
Hello Shoreland!

I believe it honors God and encourages us all to hear about how God is at work among us.  The purpose of "See a Blessing, Be a Blessing" is to glorify God by continually looking for His blessings in our life and continually seeking opportunities to be a blessing to other people.  We then share the stories with one another, all to the glory of God!

Here's what you do:
  1. Ask God to open your eyes to His blessings every day and try to remember to look for Him in every situation (Sometimes His biggest blessings are where you wouldn't expect to find them!).
  2. Ask God to show you opportunities to be a blessing to other people each day and try to keep looking for those opportunities in every situation.  Then seize the opportunity as God leads! Sometimes it involves sacrifice of time or resources, sometimes it involves simply encouraging another, and sometimes it may look totally different and unique.  But every time it will involve God ultimately blessing YOU more than the one you "blessed"!  (That's just how this stuff works!)
  3. Send an email to and describe the blessing you received or the blessing you were able to give to someone else.  Remember to give God the glory.  This truly is not about us!  We will keep your name out of it.

What will I do with the emails I receive?
  1. I will read some of them during "See a Blessing, Be a Blessing" portion of Sunday morning services.
  2. Occasionally, I may ask you to read it, but this happens fairly rarely.
  3. All will be saved for exciting ways that God shows us how to share how He's working in our lives. 
God is a God of blessing and we want to give Him glory every chance we get!

Remember....See a Blessing, Be a Blessing.

Trusting Jesus,
Pastor Jay
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