Transformation is the Through Line

You've likely heard the adage 'new year, new me.' In our experience, any time people come to the table to meet their challenges transformation is possible. Through the shared wisdom of participants and facilitators, our work fosters change for everyone. As we start the new year, here are a few recent testimonials that are leading us forward with a sense of possibility:

"When I called, I was scared and not sure what to expect - but by the end, I realized that the mediators were there to balance the conversation. They helped us find a way forward."

"We had a student regularly missing school and at risk of not finishing their senior year. After checking in through the circle process, they realized they were missing more than class - but their friends and supports. They were able to name their needs, and with some daily check-ins were back on track. Now, the student plans to become a circle facilitator and wants that to be their legacy."

If you're looking to bring new light to a conflict this year, please contact us.

Cheers to Two Amazing Volunteers!

In gratitude for their years of service, we want to thank two stellar board members whose terms completed in 2021. We're grateful for their generosity of time, talent, and wisdom - and want to raise a virtual toast!

Valerie Belton (in the left photo) of Ulster Savings Bank just completed her tenure on the MCDC Board as Vice President. She participated in our anti-bullying walk-a-thon and has shown her dedication since. Her extensive volunteerism throughout the county and skills in community building helped extend our reach. 

Nevill Smythe (in the right photo), a philanthropic and nonprofit management consultant, just completed his final term on the MCDC Board as Secretary. He previously served as our Board President and holds the record for longest tenure. His expertise has helped refine our systems and messaging. 
We're happy to share good news to start the year! MCDC will receive funding through the Dutchess County Agency Partner Grant Awards Program to bring restorative practices to nonprofits, schools, and individuals throughout the county. Read more here.

New Year, New Opportunities

We want to thank Justin Strock, who has recently announced his departure from MCDC. His unique background contributed to our work, and we're excited to see his next adventure begin at the Office for Court Administration.

Join us in sending good wishes to Justin, his wife Zoë, and son Casper - pictured here on their wedding day in December. We hope the many changes they're welcoming bring joy!

In other staffing news, we've opened a search for a full-time intake specialist to support our mediation services. If you're interested (or know someone who might be!) please read more here.
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