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Congratulations Grads!
Congratulations to 2018’s high school graduates! As you step out into the world and do your best to make a difference remember there are many of us here at home who believe in you and know you will achieve whatever dreams you set your sights on. On behalf of the province of British Columbia I want to again wish our grads and their families a huge congrats. I am certain that each of you will make our community proud in the years to come.

Helping Childcare Providers Become Licensed
For many families, child care is as expensive as housing and even harder to find. We are taking action to support child care providers and increase access to the quality care our kids deserve. Eligible unlicensed child care providers – who are currently limited to providing care to a maximum of two children unrelated to them, or a sibling group – can now apply for financial assistance to become licensed family or in-home multi-age (IHMA) child care providers. Becoming licensed allows child care providers to care for seven or eight children, depending on their licence. To help providers switch over, the Province is investing $750,000 in the program each year for the next three years. For more information CLICK HERE
BC Hydro Review
If your power comes from BC Hydro you know that rates have gone up by 28% since 2013, and by more than 70% since 2001.To contain rate increases, control costs, and position BC Hydro for future success, we have launched a comprehensive, two-phased review of the utility. We are working with BC Hydro to identify cost savings, efficiencies, new revenue streams and other changes, to keep electricity rates low and predictable over the long-term.
A report on the first phase, and government's response, will be released in the fall of 2018.
To learn more, visit:

Proportional Representation Referendum

This fall there will be a referendum on electoral reform in BC.  Make sure you are registered to vote with Elections BC so you can participate. 
Last month the Attorney General released a comprehensive report summarizing feedback from the public consultation and providing recommendations to cabinet on the referendum. 
Government accepted the recommendations and with input from Elections BC  established the referendum questions as follows:
1. Which system should British Columbia use for provincial elections? (Vote for only one.)
* The current first-past-the-post voting system
* A proportional representation voting system
2. If British Columbia adopts a proportional representation voting system, which of the following voting systems do you prefer? Rank in order of preference. You may choose to support one, two or all three of the systems.)
* Dual Member Proportional (DMP)
* Mixed Member Proportional (MMP)
* Rural-Urban Proportional (RUP)
To learn more please visit:
Electoral reform referendum regulation:
Attorney General's report and recommendations for the 2018 referendum on electoral reform, in the Appendix find expiations of the types of voting systems that appear on the ballot :
Recent changes to the Election Act:
Elections BC:
Make Your Voice Heard!

The BC Government offers many opportunities for the public to listen, get informed and speak up on issues that matter to them.
To learn more and participate visit:
Current Open public consultations include:
What: The Provincial Government is reviewing B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Process to ensure the legal rights of First Nations are respected and the public’s expectation of a strong, transparent process is met.
When: Feedback will be accepted until Jul 30, 2018 at 4p.m.
How: Read the discussion paper, and provide your feedback and complete the online engagement survey

Wildlife and Habitat:
When: Participate until July 31, 2018
How: email, join the online discussion or mail your feedback.

Species at Risk 2018:
What: Share ideas about how best to protect and recover species at risk in B.C., and prevent more species from becoming at risk. Consultation is focused around specific questions.
When: Participate until December 1, 2018
How: join the online discussion or email

Mental Health and Addictions:
What: share your ideas on the province’s mental health and addictions strategy.
When: participate until August 31, 2018
How: submit feedback on the online feedback form available here:

B.C. Mining Jobs Task Force:
When: participate until October 1, 2018
How: read the terms of reference and submit feedback via email:
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Maternity Leave
Please note my office will remain open over the summer while I am on a short maternity leave from mid-July to mid-September.  Continue to contact my office if you have questions or concerns about provincial government services or ministries and my constituency assistants will work with you to get the information and assistance you require.

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