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What's Possible? Newsletter

Adults and Youth Collaborating:
Creating Our Shared Future Together

It's possible.

We have the capacities to work together and create something magical, practical and inclusive for a world that works for all. An infinite well of untapped wisdom lies in the creative and intellectual capital of our young people. They are passionate about the interests that catch their attention. They are watching what is happening in the world around them and making keen observations. They have ideas. They see in ways adults do not see. They thrive from supportive encouragement and genuine curiosity given to them. Are we adults making contact with them and their worlds to the fullest of our capacities? Are we listening to what they care about, what they notice, their ideas for innovation and change? Are we offering them the trust and support to bring their dreams into reality, to experiment with implementing their ideas? What's possible if we do this even more?

Last Saturday we launched a new initiative, TEDxNextGeneration Asheville. As the local paper declared, "Passionate young people benefit communities" and the August 28th event was a springboard for the local Asheville community to recognize this reality and step into further inter-generational and inter-disciplinary collaborations.

Below are photos from the event and our MIWS  (My Idea Worth Sharing) photo-documentary project. These are just a taste of the powerful ideas these young people have to share. The Next Generation of leaders are ready for more public platforms to share the ideas inside their heads and to express the creativity and innovation that pours through their hearts. Let's give them more opportunities to be heard, let's open more space for inspiration and collaboration. Will you join us?!

MIWS (My Idea Worth Sharing)
Photo-documentary Project

September 18, 2010

A TEDx event organized
by kids, for kids

TEDxRedmond is a free inspirational event organized by students, for students. The event will bring some of the most extraordinary  youth from WA state and the nation to share insights, knowledge, and "ideas worth spreading" with their peers.

TEDxRedmond gives students in grades six through ten a channel to hear new insights from peer role models, share their own ideas, and expand their social horizons, meeting a diverse group of fellow audience members. 

You can learn more about TEDxRedmond at their website, If you are in Washington state, you don't want to miss this event. REGISTER NOW to attend.

Ashley's News:
In Seattle Right Now!
This brief newsletter is meant to wet your palate about the TEDx initiatives in my two home corners of the nation, Seattle, WA and Asheville, NC. 

At this very moment I am actually in Seattle, about to head out on a much needed vacation to the Olympic Peninsula. The ocean is calling to me and I'm really looking forward to disappearing into her wild embrace!

I will return to the city from September 8-14th. My one main goal is to pack up my storage unit. If you have tips about how to inexpensively ship a few boxes from Seattle to Asheville, please let me know. If you are a master wrapper of fragile objects, please let me know!

I would also love to see some of you and perhaps engage an open conversation about inter-generational and inter-disciplinary collaboration. My organizing brain is what needs a vacation so I'm tossing these ideas out to you in case you are someone who wants to throw back an idea of how I might connect with you and your beautiful children and community in an easy way!

I would also love to experience and share the work of my colleague, Thomas Arthur and his new project, Earthanima. We would enjoy hosting an intimate gathering on Saturday, September 11th or Sunday, September 12th. This would be an adult show for anywhere from 8-50 people. Do you know of a space with ceilings at least 12 feet high where we could experience powerful images, engaging and creative dialogue, and mystical performance? 

Please email me if you have ideas for gathering. I will be away from email for a few days but will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!

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