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The Parents' Choice Newsletter: Fall 2011 Issue - Read More, Play More, Learn More
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The Creativity Issue

From the Classroom to the Playroom

Letter from Claire S. Green, President

Our newsletter will show you how easy and fun it is to help your children think creatively and critically. We’ll push you to show your children that there is more than one way to build a house, tell a story, or solve a problem. We’ll offer resources for you to help collaborate and communicate – and to move their questions from why, to why not? Learn more...
In This Issue
Product List: Craft & Play
Reading List: Design & Explore
Online Resources: Make & Learn
Play Starters
Teach an Old Game New Tricks
Create, Craft, Design & Play

Create, Craft, Design
& Play

These toys nurture creativity and provide an outlet for it. Growing builders, architects, engineers, painters, and cartoonists will each be pleased with what we've discovered.
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Build a Builder

Build a Builder

How does it work? Why does it do that? How is it made? These books might not answer those questions specifically, but they will encourage your child to explore how the technology and tools they use work.
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Make and Learn Online - Web X-Ray

Make & Learn Online

Above & Beyond: The 4Cs of Learning
Above & Beyond:
The 4Cs of Learning
Be inspired by an exploration of a new way to approach learning >
When was the last time you drew a map for an imaginary country?
Spark your imagination with Play Starters >
Think Fun

Teaching an Old Game New Tricks:
Give Your Game Shelf a Brain-Boosting Makeover!

While many games are plenty challenging as-is, putting a creative spin on an old favorite can encourage players to see games in creative new ways and exercise problem solving skills through brain-building fun! Read More >

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