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7 April 2019 | Curated by Matt Devost

Greetings from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where the Devost Maple Sugar House is now Internet enabled.  I'm up here for a long weekend, so for the first time in Global Frequency history, I'm going to skip the recommended book for the week.  This week on the Global Frequency....

Russia accused of GPS jamming. (Read More)

Iran conducted massive cyber attacks against UK infrastructure. (Read More)

More details emerge surrounding former U.S.G. employees targeting journalists and activists on behalf of the Saudi government. (Read More)

DARPA thinks the key to machine learning is make it more like human learning. (Read More)

The city of Albany, NY is the latest victim of ransomware. (Read More)

A new RAND report finds that cryptocurrencies are not attractive for terrorist financing (yet). (Read More)

A foreign national tried to get malware into the Trump Mar a Lago resort. (Read More)

I'm still not buying that the Saudis were responsible for the Bezos leak and I think DeBecker loses more credibility every time he brings it up without providing additional direct evidence.  That said, if you are an executive of Bezos stature, you are for certain going to be targeted by state actors so lessons here for many. (Read More)

Supply chain cyber risks are only going to increase.  What I've referred to as "Rolodex Attacks" for over a decade, Carbon Black is cleverly calling "Island Hopping". (Read More)

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