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20 December 2020 | Curated by Matt Devost

I hope everyone is able to enjoy the holiday season.  I'll see you in 2021.  This week on the Global Frequency...

Suspected Russian cyberattackers spied on Department of Treasury email.  This story obviously developed quite a bit over the course of the week and the ultimate victimology will likely include hundreds or organizations. (Read More)

Misinformation campaigns were highly targeted towards swing states during the election. (Read More)

Russian trolls use Cameo videos to help get spy released in Libya.  I was wondering how long it would be until we saw this with Cameo, which pays celebrities for brief recorded messages. (Read More)

The government invested billions of dollars on a cyber-detection tool.  Why didn't it catch the Russian hackers? (Read More)

Facebook is creating a tool that will read and summarize news for you.  We'll stick with our human analysts at OODA Loop. (Read More)

FSB Team of Chemical Weapon Experts Implicated in Alexey Navalny Novichok Poisoning (Read More)

Influencers are being recruited for vaccines.  (Read More)

The dark money secretly bankrolling activist short sellers. (Read More)

A kidnapping for Bitcoin ransom. (Read More)

The Top 10 Gray Rhinos of 2020. (Read More)

An argument for more cooperation on cyber espionage.  Discussed cooperation and norms during our monthly OODA Network call Friday. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
This is a quirky little book, but I greatly enjoyed it. "Blueprint for Revolution: How to Use Rice Pudding, Lego Men, and Other Nonviolent Techniques to Galvanize Communities, Overthrow Dictators, or Simply Change the World" by Srdja Popovic and Matthew Miller is written from the perspective of Srdja, who was one of the leaders of the 1998 Serbian youth resistance movement.  Srdja leveraged his experience in Serbia to start an NGO focused on teaching non-violent activism that draws on humor and unifying messages to help topple oppressive regimes. The stories are interesting and compelling and I even learned things about movements in the U.S. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"You are paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems you solve." - Elon Musk

Recommendation of the Week:
After a decade of hard use and two self-soldered battery replacements, my Plantronics W730 headsets finally died. I decided to upgrade from an earbud version to a traditional over the head model.  What I love about these wireless headsets is that they use DECT wireless technology so sound is great and they have three modes of operation; a USB mode (for computer based calls), a bluetooth mode (to connect to my mobile), and a wired mode that connects to my VOIP phone. (Link)

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