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15 November 2020 | Curated by Matt Devost

Virginia and others states have started reverting to more stringent lockdown rules.  Stay safe out there.  This week on the Global Frequency...

Three APT groups have targeted seven Covid vaccine makers. (Read More)

One of the key misinformation campaigns from the election appears to have been specifically targeted. (Read More)

Cyber attackers are knowingly targeting hospitals. (Read More)

Bitcoin paid to ransomware variant tracked to Iranian nationals. (Read More)

Lessons learned on leading through chaos from the special operations community. (Read More)

Chinese swarming suicide drones. (Read More)

Data trusts could be the key to better AI.  Similar to some of the digital self sovereignty stuff I was writing about a decade ago, but with intermediaries serving as aggregators. (Read More)

Another breach with hotel customer information disclosed. (Read More)

Datasets from porn companies are being used to create deep fakes. (Read More)

With Covid, disaster prepping is mainstream again. (Read More)

No surprises here - a black market emerges for negative Covid tests. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
During my 14 years teaching at Georgetown, I assigned Corey Doctorow's Little Brother as required reading.  Today, I still get comments from former students with regards to how much they enjoyed the book and how much they learned from it, despite the fictionalized format.  I'm a huge fan of Corey's and have read all of his books and Attack Surface is his best yet.  Attack Surface shares the story of Masha, a brilliant hacker who gets swept up into the world of government and private sector contractors implementing large scale surveillance technologies against their populations and her path towards reconciling her role in the abuse of those technologies.  Corey's puts us in a glitch version of the present, where the politics and technologies are real enough but global circumstances have slightly diverged. All the technologies of the book are real today (or at least could be) - drawn straight out of the worlds of NSO and Black Cube.  The countermeasures are real too, so you'll learn a lot in that regard.  The ethical conundrums are real too, which is why we have hackers openly weeping during Richard Thieme presentations at Def Con. You'll enjoy the ride and when you are done with the story, the book includes some very thoughtful afterwords by respected experts that help provide additional context.  (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"Information doesn’t want to be free, but people do." - Corey Doctorow

Recommendation of the Week:
These little weatherproof cases are designed for Zippo lighters, but they are a great size to protect your tech kit like SD/SIM cards, Yubikeys, and OpenDimes. (Link)

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