The Global Frequency

27 June 2021 | Curated by Matt Devost

Thirty years ago today, my dear friend Winn Schwartau used the analogy of a "cyber Pearl Harbor" in Congressional testimony. This week on the Global Frequency...
Microsoft discloses new breach potentially perpetrated by the SolarWinds attackers. (Read More)

My kingdom for one password?  A compelling case study regarding the impact of poor credential security at one agency. (Read More)

Cyber attackers breached California water plant. (Read More)

More strains on international supply chains expected to linger through new year and impact availability of products for the holidays. (Read More)

Peloton restricts treadmills from accessing free "just run" feature, bricking the equipment for non-subscribers.  I'm sure the market for hacking them is already emerging. (Read More)

Deleted is never truly deleted. Researcher recovers deleted early Coronavirus samples from Google Cloud. (Read More)

AI still struggles with determining when things are the same. (Read More)

French software executives indicted for aiding torture, based on how regimes using their product behave. (Read More)

TikTok videos of Chinese factories are a hit on the platform. Interesting look at the content creation farm behind them. (Read More)

Did a cyberattack cause a military stand-off between Russia and the UK? (Read More)

Lawsuits initiated against Colonial Pipeline for inadequate security. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
I'm surprised it took me so long to get to "The Billion Dollar Spy: A True Story of Cold War Espionage and Betrayal" by David E. Hoffman. It falls right in a sweet spot for me with as it is a Cold War tale out of Moscow Station dealing with espionage surrounding some of Russia's most guarded technological secrets for its advanced radar and fighter jets.  It is a good read and captures the essences of espionage well and also serves as a great case study for insider threats.  (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"Explaining the world to others leads to understanding it better oneself." - Kenneth Cukier, et al.

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