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4 July 2021 | Curated by Matt Devost

I'm headed on vacation so there will be no newsletter next weekend.  Happy 4th of of July!  This week on the Global Frequency...

Las Vegas hospital hit with cyber attack. (Read More)

Russia is operating a large scale brute forcing endeavor. (Read More)

The woman who cried "lab".  Compelling case study on the power of platform to advance ideas. (Read More)

Can AI pick the next pop star?  I'd argue that successful songs are a result of exposure channels, not just sonic appeal. (Read More)

New laws could be needed to get companies to patch known vulnerabilities. (Read More)

Using novels to predict future conflict.  Very similar to my Fiction Analysis to Combat Terrorism (FACT) project proposal years ago. (Read More)

Microsoft to map Mitre ATT&CK framework to Azure security controls. Interesting approach. (Read More)

Cyber capabilities and national power.  A net assessment. (Read More)

The internet is rotting. A look at the impact of dead links. (Read More)

CISA releases ransomware readiness self-assessment tool. (Read More)

Potential mitigation for the PrintNightmare vulnerability. (Read More)

AI is designing quantum physics experiments beyond what humans have conceived. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
I should preface this review with the fact that Sebastian Junger is a friend.  We've collaborated on projects, bar-hopped through the night in NYC, and I've crashed at his place after missing my train. It is, for all practical purposes, impossible for me to separate the character of the book from the character of the man.  Sebastian is a talented author and has tackled compelling topics over the years ranging from the Perfect Storm to the unique brotherhood of military personal deployed to the world's most dangerous places.  He has imbedded himself in a topic or with a group and extracted narratives of deep meaning.  With his most recent work, simply entitled "Freedom", I felt like we've finally embedded with Sebastian. In Freedom, Sebastian brings us into his journey along forbidden railroad tracks in present day America and blends opaque tales from the hike with historical tales and his unique insights on what it means to be free. His insights are meaningful, his examples purposeful, but the tone is never judgmental and he makes no prescriptions except to offer to the reader that thinking about Freedom is a worthwhile endeavor and our perceptions are grounded in historical realities that perhaps aren't perfectly realizable today. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"Power is so readily abused that one could almost say that its concentration is antithetical to freedom." - Sebastian Junger

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