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16 June 2019 | Curated by Matt Devost

I followed the Crowdstrike IPO with great interest and wonder if it signals non-VC demand for cybersecurity investments.  It continues to be a market anomaly so it will be interesting to track it over the next six months as insiders start selling their shares.  That team had a lot of skeptics and detractors out the gate, but have to respect that they called their own ball.  This week on the Global Frequency...

US Customs and Border Patrol discloses a breach that compromised images and license plate data.  Interestingly, looks like a supply chain/vendor breach. (Read More)

Election hacking wider than publicly disclosed. (Read More)

Americans aren't ready for Cold War Two. (Read More)

The FBI is warning of the risks around "safe" websites. (Read More)

They thought they had a remote work job, but were really working for cybercriminals.  The Gig economy and cybercrime become increasingly interlinked. (Read More)

Will Bitcoin be the first target of quantum-enabled criminals? (Read More)

Outlaw hackers build another crypto mining botnet.  As prices of cryptocurrencies rise, these stories become more common. (Read More)

The spy with the AI generated face. (Read More)

The Triton hackers have been probing the U.S. power grid. (Read More)

A Chinese cyberattack targeted messaging service Telegram during Hong Kong protests. (Read More)

DoD to streamline cyber acquisition with a new certification model. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
I hear you!  School is out, so let's have a few fiction recommendations.  "The Ghostman" by Roger Hobbs and the sequel "Vanishing Games" are great summer reads.  The main character, Jack (the Ghostman) lives off the grid using fake identities and helps criminals disappear after large heists.  He's also a fixer, brought in to figure out why jobs went wrong or to locate missing property and people.  These books are fun reads and are one part mystery, one part heist, and one part techno-thriller.  The paint a very colorful world around heist operations and the unique roles involved, the planning, the technology, the payouts, etc.  Good stuff. (Amazon Link)(Sequel Link)

Quote of the Week:
“He who can handle the quickest rate of change survives.” - Lt. Colonel John Boyd

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