The Global Frequency

1 August 2021 | Curated by Matt Devost

It seems we are increasingly losing touch with understanding the future.  Should Congress bring back the Office of Technology Assessment?  This week on the Global Frequency...

The risk of AI accidents is increasing. (Read More)

Russia hacked federal prosecutors around the U.S. (Read More)

Digital agency was offering to pay YouTubers to spread disinformation about Covid vaccines. (Read More)

President Biden says our next conventional war could be caused by a cyber breach.  Reminiscent of my popular quote: "Remember kids, you can hack your way into a cyberwar, but you'll have to shoot your way out of it." (Read More)

What follows a ransomware attack?  Lawsuits. (Read More)

Man programs a chatbot to replicate his deceased fiancee. (Read More)

Israel to look at NSO Group operations. (Read More)

NSA warns of increased risk for executives using public WiFi networks and bluetooth and NFC wireless technologies. (Read More)

Neuromancer is still mind-blowing cyberpunk. A book I revisit every other year. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
There are several series that I return to every summer to read the latest edition.  Amongst those is John Gilstrap and his Jonathan Grave's series and I'm often surprised at how unknown Gilstrap is given how enjoyable his books are.  His latest, "Stealth Attack" does not disappoint with a gritty high octane look into the world of K&R and cartel crime. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"The entire history of civilization is all about change—and, more than that, about technological change." - Guy Perelmuter

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