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27 December 2020 | Curated by Matt Devost

Hadn't planned on producing the newsletter today, but habits are hard to break.  This week on the Global Frequency...

This older essay of mine is being heavily recirculated in reference to the SolarWinds attacks.  Putin's Cyber OODA Loop is Tighter Than Yours. (Read More)

Krebs cautions against escalating cyber conflict with Russia. (Read More)

Massive fraud operations stole millions. (Read More)

NSO Group malware used to target journalists...again. (Read More)

In a failed experiment, the Satoshi cruise ship hits the scrap yard. These stories always intrigue me and success at some point is inevitable. (Read More)

How CozyBear plays the long game. (Read More)

China uses stolen data to expose CIA operatives.  The long tail of the OPM-style breaches. (Read More)

FBI says Iran behind Hitlist website offering to kill public officials. (Read More)

Inside India's dark data economy. (Read More)

Bitcoin $25k - those following my work at OODA know this is my top technology to track in 2021. (Read More)

How Claude Shannon invented the future. (Read More)

What spies really think of John Le Carre. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
I'm always intrigued by case studies from the fringes or society, economics, and culture and this book was a fun read.  Especially enjoyed the unexpected interview with a friend within the book as well.  As we look at how economies and markets will change, the fringe pushing in on the established norms is a great place to start.  Check out "The Misfit Economy: Lessons in Creativity from Pirates, Hackers, Gangsters and Other Informal Entrepreneurs" by Alexa Clay and Kyra Maya Phillips (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"The relationship between information and confidence is a highly asymmetric one."  - Maria Konnikova

Recommendation of the Week:
My holiday cooking has been forever transformed with the introduction of this simple sous vide device.  Cooked two four pound tenderloin roasts with it last night and they were absolutely delicious and I had zero stress on over-roasting the meat like I have in years past. (Link)

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