The Global Frequency

12 January 2020 | Curated by Matt Devost

The news out of CES seems underwhelming.  If it is a sign of innovation in 2020, we've reached a dry spell.  This week on the Global Frequency...

Iran is password spraying the power grid. (Read More)

Cyber and proxy attacks most likely avenue or Iranian escalation. (Read More)

Dragos report on targeting of power grid. (Read More)

Russian cyber operations will be more stealthy in 2020 and beyond. (Read More)

Travelex ransomware incident extends into its second week. (Read More)

Your first branded vulnerability of the new year impacts cable modems. (Read More)

A good analysis of the 5G security crisis including root causes and ways forward. (Read More)

Does the government need to take action on ransomware? (Read More)

It's the 1980s again...attackers escalate SIM swap activities by, well, hacking the telcos directly. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
What happens when a design thinker gets involved in computational projects and data science? "How to Speak Machine: Computational Thinking for the Rest of Us" by John Maeda provides a very human-centric perspective to issues of big data and technology design. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"Testing your bets is safer than praying you’re right." - John Maeda

Recommendation of the Week:
General Magic is one of the best documentaries I've watched in quite some time. If you aren't familiar with the company, it was a greatly ambitious endeavor that predicted the future of smart phones, but failed under the weight of its own genius.  It is also amazing to see what the small team of employees went on to accomplish after the company failed. I promise you they have touched your life in some way. (Link)

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