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23 May 2021 | Curated by Matt Devost

This week I have my first in-person speaking gig to a fully vaccinated audience, which seems like an indicator we are shifting back towards business as normal.  This week on the Global Frequency...

DarkSide was not disrupted by the USG, they just had a good exit scam. (Read More)

A publicly available facial recognition site raises privacy/stalking concerns. (Read More)

A decade later, thee NDAs have expired and more details about the infamous RSA compromise can be told. (Read More)

IBM has a large dataset to teach AI how to code. (Read More)

Gamestop and Doge are the Woodstock of the digital generation and having a real impact on markets. (Read More)

Why we are so bad at predicting the future. (Read More)

New Zealand hospitals hit with ransomware. (Read More)

Conti ransomware hit 16 U.S. health and emergency services organizations. (Read More)

Fact of Fiction:
The 1954 book "How to Lie with Statists" was a hit over 50 years ago and might even mark the cultural emergence of folks defining the world around them based on what they believe to be true since the numbers can support almost any perspective.  "The Data Detective: Ten Easy Rules to Make Sense of Statistics" by Tim Harford is a modern-day approach to statistical analysis and skepticism.  I'm in a tough position with this review as I'm currently reading what I consider to an absolutely brilliant book on data.  If you only want to read one, wait a bit for my forthcoming review.  If you've got a keen interest in these topics, read both. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"To be human is to confuse a satisfying story with a meaningful one." - Richard Powers

It is grill season and if I could only have one dry rub, this would be it.  (Link)

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