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1 March 2020 | Curated by Matt Devost

It was a hectic week at RSA but so great to see so many friends and colleagues.  The Corona virus was obviously top of mind for most folks this week with markets tanking and cases multiplying.  Key information about a few of the cases is being withheld by the government, and after having reviewed them I'd say we could easily wind up in a situation with limited travel and self isolation in a few geographies so plan accordingly in keeping the pantry a little better stocked than usual.  This week on the Global Frequency...

This Bill Gate Corona Virus op-ed is on-point. (Read More)

How well did I predict the future in 2010?  Check out this retrospective analysis ten years later. (Read More)

When AI learns to lie. (Read More)

Now even the moms are red teaming. (Read More)

FBI notes that over $140m has been paid out for ransomware. (Read More)

A shark lost $400k in a phishing scam. (Read More)

A WiFi vulnerability impacts a billion devices. (Read More)

Silicon Valley will lose to China without the governments help. (Read More)

The company with advanced facial recognition technology that touted it was only used by law enforcement was revealed to have an extensive private sector client list.  Interestingly, LEO entities like the NYPD who denied being customers, were actually also using the software.  Apple has also now removed the app from the App Store. (Read More)

Google takes attachment scanning to the next level in their quest to intercept malware. (Read More)

$1b in federal funding will be used to rip and replace  Huawei telecommunications gear from rural communities. (Read More)

A Chinese warship fired a laser at a U.S. aircraft. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
With RSA this week, I did not make it through a new book, but I recently pulled "Threat Modeling: Designing for Security" by Adam Shostack off my shelf to review and I am reminded what a great foundation it provides on the topic. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"The most useful piece of information is the one you have." - Matt Devost

Recommendation of the Week:
I made a joking referral to hand sanitizer around RSA last week, but given the recent Corona virus news, I thought I recommend the wipes I've kept in my travel kit for the past decade.  (Read More)

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