The Global Frequency

8 March 2020 | Curated by Matt Devost

Two weeks on the road and I'm ready to settle into a cozy chair and catch up on some reading.  Stay safe out there.  This week on the Global Frequency...

Citizen Lab has a great research initiative that shows that Chinese authorities were actively censoring social media postings about the Coronavirus well before disclosing the crisis to the global community. (Read More)

Perfect example of strategic visualization around COVID-19. (Read More)

Microsoft intelligence report on ransomware threats. (Read More)

Turkey strikes Syria with swarm of killer drones. (Read More)

The Ouroboros and AI.  Interesting read. (Read More)

Malware free attacks now most common cybercrime attack vector. (Read More)

Increasingly, the person you interact with online will not exist. (Read More)

The Facebook AI tool taking down billions of fake accounts. (Read More)

Russia is learning how to bypass disinformation defenses. (Read More)

What we know about recent cyber attacks against the energy infrastructure. (Read More)

Is Utah ground zero for the emergence of panoptic surveillance? (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
Those looking to expand their knowledge of infectious virus outbreaks would do well to read (or re-read) Richard Preston's classic "The Hot Zone".  It might keep you up at night, but provides useful insight into the emergence of Ebola and other highly adaptable viruses. (Read More)

Quote of the Week:
"For every person, there’s a different truth” - Chris Carter

Recommendation of the Week:
Want to time travel?  This cool site lets you pick any country and any decade and listen to music from the combination.  Fantastically fun. (Link)

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