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25 November 2018 | Curated by Matt Devost

Quantum computing threatens blockchain security. (Read More)

Here are the cybersecurity attack scenarios that worry experts. (Read More)

The U.S. now officially has a Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. (Read More)

Walking the high-tech high wire between China and U.S. (Read More)

DARPA spent $68m on technology to detect deep fakes, but it is losing the battle. (Read More)

Crypto-jacking software found on a Make-a-Wish Foundation affiliated web site. (Read More)

The U.S. is looking at options to restrict the export of advanced technologies like AI.  Seems very similar to the failed policy regarding encryption export controls. (Read More)

The data firms behind DHS surveillance efforts. (Read More)

It is impossible to expect a platform like Facebook is going to catch every instance of abuse.  Facebook used to auction off a girl in South Sudan. (Read More)

Our top Congressional thinker on security and technology issues got narrowly re-elected to a third term.  Congrats Will! (Read More)

Still tracking - Eboloa outbreak in the Congo could get much worse. (Read More)

A new home router bonnet is making the rounds. The catch?  This one uses a five year old vulnerability and has infected 100k routers. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
Every quarter, I try and take on a book outside my comfort zone and recently added "Read and Riot: a Pussy Riot Guide to Activism" by Nadya Tolokonnikova to the stack.  I'll admit that I was surprised at the poetic language and framework Tolokonnikova was able to bring to her experiences as an activist under the Putin regime but also her worldview and the role feminism and activism play in countering corruption and despair.  Tolokonnikova spent time in a Russian prison, arrested for her art/activism but Pussy Riot has captured enough attention the global stage, they can't simply be disappeared for fear of them serving as martyrs in a larger revolution.  This book serves as a guide for the aspiring activist, but also a very articulate history of Pussy Riot and their resolve for change. (Read More)

Quote of the Week:

"Those who lack imagination can not imagine what is lacking". - Paris 1968 slogan.

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