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1 September 2019 | Curated by Matt Devost

I'm not easily caught off guard, but this week I certainly felt like we've fully stepped with both feet into the cyber domain. Stories that seemed like outliers just a few years ago are now the status quo.  This week on the Global Frequency...

This is a pretty pure form of information warfare.  Cyber attack on information only, but information that degrades adversary capabilities.  The U.S. hacked the database Iran was using to target oil tankers. (Read More)

Malicious websites have been quietly hacking iPhones for years using undisclosed bugs.  (Read More)

China's version of GPS now has more satellites that the U.S. system. (Read More)

Fascinating story.  Bob Stratton alerted me to this technology a couple of years ago and it worked surprisingly well in my testing.  Now fraudsters have used a voice mimicking AI platform to impersonate a CEO and steal money. (Read More)

DHS officials are concerned over ransomware for the 2020 election. (Read More)

China's spies are on the offensive.  Some good long form reporting here. (Read More)

The U.S. needs a cyber day-after plan. (Read More)

The Pentagon wants to use three satellites to monitor for adversarial satellites being launched. (Read More)

A new flaw in Cisco devices scores a rare 10/10 high risk score. (Read More)

The patent office wants to know.  Should AIs receive patents for inventions or must a human always be involved? (Read More)

Fact of Fiction:
J.T. Patten's "Buried in Black" marks the last of my summer thriller recommendations and this was my first foray into the talented author.  Set against a backdrop of special operations questionably activated to counter a domestic terrorism threat, it features a compelling and flawed protagonist and well developed supporting characters.  Interesting use of technology and a well-paced and realistic plot made for a fun read. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
“A little fact will sustain a lot of illusion.” – Eric Ambler

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