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23 June 2019 | Curated by Matt Devost

This week I spent a few days at the Gartner security event. In all honesty, given the volume of events surrounding cybersecurity, this one seems to be diminishing in value over time.  Not sure it is worth the time to attend.  This week on the Global Frequency...

Last week we discussed the new cyber maturity model at DoD.  It turns out it is expected to be much broader than cyber.  Thanks to an astute reader for pointing me towards this more detailed article. (Read More)

Iran claims to have dismantled U.S. cyber espionage network. (Read More)

Where Russians behind the $530m cryptocurrency hack?  New thoughts on attribution. (Read More)

Facebook launches a new cryptocurrency.  Be interesting to see how this plays out as it endorses crypto, but many won't want their wealth stored in something spun-out by Facebook so it could drive demand for other cryptocurrencies. (Read More)

As I wrote about with my Operation Olympic Games warning years ago (Link), this type of targeting escalation only creates a net-negative for the United States.  We have more to lose with our grid going down than the Russians and they know it. (Read More)

A Florida city paid $600k to ransomware attackers.  Smarter than Baltimore it seems. (Read More)

Hacker attacks NASA with a Raspberry Pi. (Read More)

Wyoming is trying to become the cryptocurrency state. (Read More)

Managed Security Providers hacked to infect ransomware on their customers' networks.  Yikes. (Read More)

100 million computers potentially impacted by PC Doctor software vulnerability. (Read More)

Nearly 50% of Google search queries are resolved without the user clicking on a result.  I wonder how many were resolved via a Google response (will it rain today?) versus the user just didn't see satisfactory results and terminated the search or went on to search for something else. (Read More)

New restrictions on Chinese supercomputer chip manufacturers implemented by the US over national security concerns. (Read More)

Fact of Fiction:
Unfortunately, I had hoped to recommend Kingdom of Lies by Kate Fazzini this week, but I can't say it was worth the read.  It takes a very sensational and amateurish look at cybersecurity issues and while a work of non-fiction, feels it is necessary to obfuscate characters and companies in disingenuous ways.  I'd take a pass on this one if it is on your "to read" list.  As a result of being unable to recommend it, I'm digging into my prior reads to recommend "Wasp" by Eric Frank Russell. This book was first recommended to me through the Highlands Forum many years ago and it remains a great science fiction novel that highlights counterinsurgency tactics in ways that are meaningful to decipher the world around us. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"We can never gain victory solely by postponing defeat." - Eric Frank Russell

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