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2 December 2018 | Curated by Matt Devost

This week I had the pleasure to attend CyberwarCon in Arlington, VA.  The conference was organized by John Hultquist (Twitter) and was a day packed with great content and high quality attendees.  I was also proud to encounter several former TRC employees, two former Georgetown students, and a dozen iDefense and iSight folks. Definitely an event to put on your radar screen for next year.

500 million Marriot guest records potentially breached as part of a cyber intrusion. Be curious if they get fined under GDPR for this. (Read More)

The FBI impersonated a private company as part of a fraud investigation, including creating a fake FedEx web site. (Read More)

A great overview of Chinese espionage activity. (Read More)

This "Godfather of fake news" article tells the story of a Maine construction worker who found his calling with completely fabricated news stories. (Read More)

A decent list but far from comprehensive - cybersecurity mistakes startups make when they get big. (Read More)

IOT control networks will move to space-based comms in the near-future. (Read More)

80's arcade games are being used to teach machines how to engage in interactive learning. (Read More)

Satellite Ground Station as a Service.  I didn't see this one coming.  Coupled with the earlier story about IOT over satellite comms, we need to keep an eye on developments in space. (Read More)

Attackers are changing router settings to facilitate successful attacks against the PCs behind the NAT.  If you are concerned your router might be impacted, some advice on what to do (Advice) (Read More)

Russian hackers are still attacking the U.S. power grid.  Bonus detail; the researcher featured in this article is a former student of mine. (Read More)

Strategic design for the complex realm. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
For the past several years, I've produced a Top 10 Security, Technology, and Business books of the year list.  I'm pleased to announce that this year's list is available with plenty of time to shop for yourself or others.  Lots of great reads here.  Enjoy! (TOP 10 Books List)

Quote of the Week:
"No one builds a legacy by standing still." - Rimowa

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