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6 October 2019 | Curated by Matt Devost

Red teaming is dead. Long live red teaming.  A decade ago, I spearheaded a resurgence in adversary-based red teaming with much success.  Now we are red teaming everything, including a challenge at next year's Def Con to hack satellites in space.  However, I'm often left wondering why we aren't applying these approaches to broader issues on a more consistent basis and what the next evolution of cyber red teaming will be.  This week on the Global Frequency...

The U.S. government wants to be more proactive in red teaming civilian aircraft. (Read More)

Lack of cybersecurity talent is a national security threat according to DHS. (Read More)

How AI is transforming the battle against human trafficking. (Read More)

Defense contractors hit with cyber attacks. (Read More)

Hackers provide free porn during morning drive for Detroit commuters. (Read More)

An elaborate Chinese spy operation in San Francisco linked to recent arrest. (Read More)

The rise of teen hacking clubs.  Stuff like this is essential to maintain our innovation edge. (Read More)

The NSA's cyber defense directorate. (Read More)

Disinformation as a service via dark web criminals. (Read More)

The AI industry emerging in Africa. (Read More)

MFA bypass attacks are so rare that Microsoft doesn't measure them.  This story provides a good framework for how to view the risks associated with different MFA approaches. (Read More)

Portugal’s navy reveals “tech guerrilla” unit creating tech toys that kill. (Read More)

Imagine arriving at the hospital and being turned away because they are suffering from a ransomware attack. It is happening now. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
"The Next Billion Users: Digital Life Beyond the West" by Payal Arora examines how new regions of the world are being brought into the digital era and how these new digital citizens engage with technology.  Some of these insights were genuinely surprising and if they continue to hold true will disrupt our assumptions on the impact technology has on culture, business, and society outside the West. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
“Remember, you can’t be stuck in traffic; you are the traffic.” — Kevin Slavin

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