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16 December 2018 | Curated by Matt Devost

Confronting pitfalls in machine learning. (Read More)

Ever heard of MindGeek?  They use more bandwidth than Facebook and Amazon and collect detailed user data. (Read More)

The intelligence implications of the Starwood/Marriott breach. (Read More)

A breach which is increasingly looking like a Chinese state sponsored intrusion. (Read More)

China cyber espionage more audacious...but I thought we solved this problem? (Read More)

Lastly, a secret meeting to address China cyber espionage activities. (Read More)

Italian oil company suffers cyber attack. (Read More)

DARPA looks for AI security tools. (Read More)

Sun Micro concludes internal audit with no evidence of backdoors.  Internal audits are not the best way to handle this, but still find the disconnect on this cover story to be fascinating. (Read More)

Attackers will use more sophisticated measures to target the 2020 elections.  I've been saying this all along.  2018 was not the focus so it got a pass and we get a false sense of "winning"  with our counterinfluence tactics. (Read More)

Information warfare and defense of the cognitive domain - raises an important point - we can build better information filters to keep out the influence operations but we also need to educate the populace to make them less susceptible to compromise. (Read More)

A death in Silicon Valley with strong links to Chinese espionage. (Read More)

Fact of Fiction:
As we head into resolution season, it is worth reading "It doesn't have to be crazy at work" by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.  Written by the founders of successful SaaS software company Basecamp, the book is a counterculture narrative to the hustle doctrine so common in today's work environments.  I was a big fan of their previous book "Rework" and always find their perspective thought provoking in a very healthy work/life balance way. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:

“If you have the same problem for a long time, maybe it’s not a problem — it’s a fact.” – Yitzhak Rabin

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