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21 July 2019 | Curated by Matt Devost\

For those impacted, I hope you are finding some relief from the heat.  it is a scorcher in DC this weekend.  This week on the Global Frequency...

A ransomware attack hit a Quickbooks hosting company which is preventing companies from accessing their accounting data. (Read More)

Ebola is now a national health emergency. (Read More)

NSO Group claims it can harvest iCloud data from targeted Apple devices. (Read More)

Using AI for supply chain innovation. (Read More)

U.S. intelligence community creates a new position for election security. (Read More)

Researchers trick Cylance AI into not identifying known malware. Interesting approach that I think has implications for future use of AI in cybersecurity. (Read More)

Microsoft claims it warned 10,000 customers of nation state cyber targeting. (Read More)

Elon Musk wants us to merge with AI.  Are we certain that he hasn't already? (Read More)

800,000 systems still vulnerable to BlueKeep. (Read More)

DoD will default to trusting other agencies cloud security assessments. (Read More)

Public records breach in Bulgaria compromises every citizen's PII. (Read More)

Using adversarial images to trip up object detection in AI. (Read More)

Fact or Fiction:
On the non-fiction front, I found Jeff Guinn's "The Vagabonds: The Story of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison's Ten-Year Road Trip" to be a fascinating read.  I had no idea that Ford and Edison took these road trips, but found it to be a really fun glimpse into a particular time in history and two very impactful personalities from that era.  (Amazon Link)

The Jonathan Grave series by John Gilstap is another one of my essential summer reads and the latest book, "Total Mayhem", is one of the best in the series to date. At surface level, Grave runs a security company and funds an orphanage that cares for the children of incarcerated criminals.  However, below the surface, Grave runs a tight hostage rescue team providing high risk rescue services to an exclusive clientele and also gets recruited for off-the-books USG work.  The characters are really well developed, the plot, tactics, and technology are all tight making this a worthwhile series to dive into. (Amazon Link)

Quote of the Week:
"Connectivity is not binary. The network is never neutral.” Jan Chipchase

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