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That's the word I use most often when describing our programs at Young Americans for Liberty. Our aim is to make liberty win. We do that by analyzing our programs and making sure that we are effectively advancing our ideas. This year we reached new heights as an organization in all aspects... both in results and overall growth.

And believe me... there's been tremendous growth at YAL this year...

With the launch of our new initiative, Operation Win at the Door, we had to mobilize YAL’s network of youth activists to deploy for the campaigns of principled and viable liberty candidates. This challenge brought with it the need to expand from 6 to 7 regions and bring on another talented Regional Director to help manage YAL’s expansive network. YAL also hired 7 Field Coordinators, 1 for each region, that work directly in the field to strengthen the presence of liberty warriors on college campuses. 

This expansion is only possible because of support from YAL investors like you.

Our pipeline is working... YAL leaders flood America's colleges with hundreds of educational materials and spark the interests of young minds every day with books, palm cards, and pocket Constitutions. This year, YAL held over 3,000 campus recruitment events and overturned 41 unconstitutional speech codes, restoring First Amendment rights to 832,081 students. 

YAL’s field team is filled with high-quality leaders who are taking the country by storm, one campus at a time. 

In 2018, YAL hosted 6 spring summits and our National Convention in strategic locations throughout the United States. While we originally planned to host 200 activists at each event, our average attendance at each convention was over 350 activists—that’s 56% more than our original goal!

In order to elect 250 liberty legislators by the end of 2022, we need enough principled and viable candidates for state legislator. YAL alumni have already been elected to the offices of Mayor, school board, city council, and state legislature in years past... and YAL now aims to guide an intentional effort to help more YAL activists gain the skills they need to ensure victory.

YAL’s latest advanced training program, Liberty Candidate Academy, is a rigorous, 12-hour experience that guides students through the 18 steps to run a viable campaign. Students learn everything from how to craft a winning message, how to form valuable alliances, how to set a budget and fundraise to meet their goal, and how to master getting out the vote and constituent communication.

Because of this exclusive training, 171 activists were trained to run for office... and win. 

I’m happy to report that we have instilled fear in the heart of the establishment and have become a politically feared operation that has proven an effective model.

This past election cycle, 309 youth activists were deployed across the country... they knocked on 1,050,057 doors and their efforts secured 37 liberty legislators in state houses across the country. 

This email is to say thank you.

Your investment, support, and guidance to Young Americans for Liberty is why our programs are working. YAL students are succeeding because of our life-changing trainings and deployments.

Sincerely, from the entire YAL family, thank you for being a part of it. 
For liberty,

Cliff Maloney 
Young Americans for Liberty

P.S. My door is always open to YAL supporters. We are continuing to grow and become more effective in all that we do. You can email me at or call/text me at 215-989-3451 with any ideas or suggestions for YAL.

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