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What a night! 

YAL activists stunned the establishment in Missouri and Michigan last night with two slam-dunk wins for YAL endorsed candidates.

So how'd we pull it off? It's simple: using the door knocking strategy that takes our message directly to the American people. 

Every Operation Win at the Door race that YAL mobilizes door-knockers for is an opportunity to send principled, liberty-minded individuals to state legislatures across the country. Every candidate we endorse and deploy for is slated to become a champion for our ideals in every chamber they enter. We are building the future bench of liberty candidates for federal office. 

In Dirk Deaton's race we went all out because Dirk is the next Rand Paul from the state of Missouri. With the help of YAL door knockers... we won the race by 43 percentage points (71% - 28%)! In Steve Johnson's race our YAL activist went toe-to-toe with the establishment's handpicked choice. Through our door knocking efforts.... Steve won by 51 percentage points (75% - 24%)... absolutely crushing his establishment opponent! 

I want you to look at the YAL students that worked day and night in the heat of summer to knock on 30,387 doors in Missouri and 30,160 in Michigan for Operation Win at the Door...

I'm sending this email to the entire YAL network to showcase the pipeline we are building and to show you the effectiveness of our efforts. We now have 5 victories in the 2018 cycle to prove our concept that when Americans hear the message of liberty... they support it.

It's our job at YAL to deploy our students and make sure Americans everywhere hear the beautiful message of liberty.

Thank YOU for being a part of the YAL family as we continue to #MakeLibertyWin.
​For Liberty,​
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