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Young Americans for Liberty is building a youth army on college campuses across America. As you know, we're deploying YAL students to knock doors and elect 250 liberty legislators by the end of 2022. As of writing this email, YAL has elected 37 liberty legislators to office.

Through our impactful Operation Win at the Door program, we've created a well oiled machine to beat back the establishment and elect truly principled leaders.

But our mission will never be successful if we stop there; our bench of liberty legislators will never make the proper change our country needs if they do not have the training and resources to do so.

Our effort to revolutionize America must include the ability to train those state legislators to be effective, powerful, and inspiring ambassadors of our message for liberty. We plan to train them on how to be effective at the state level and how to become the national leaders that our movement needs.

That is why Young Americans for Liberty is officially launching the Hazlitt Policy Center.

Hazlitt Policy Center is named in honor of Henry Hazlitt, the author of “Economics in One Lesson.” If you haven’t read this book I encourage you to pick up a copy today as it’s the most articulate defense of free market economics I’ve ever read. 

HPC’s mission is to provide YAL's elected officials with modern legislation, facts, and strategies to give them the extra muscle they need to be effective liberty legislators.

Our coalition includes not just the 37 legislators YAL elected, but an additional 14 legislators who were already elected and advancing liberty in their home state. We are well on our way to building the bench of 250 principled, effective, and articulate state legislators who will lead the liberty movement in the years to come. 

Through the Hazlitt Policy Center, YAL will be able to hold our newly elected leaders accountable to their promises and advance a policy agenda that will create truly pro-liberty outcomes.

Hazlitt Policy Center will be run by Chris Harelson, as he will now serve as the Executive Director. I don't make this decision lightly as Chris will singlehandedly be working to keep these liberty legislators accountable and helping them propose liberty bills.

Chris is a YAL veteran. He was a top State Chair for four years with Young Americans for Liberty. He built an incredible network in Utah including a chapter of 50 students that met every week at his own campus. 

He’s worked in the Utah State Senate, for Americans for Prosperity, and on campaigns throughout Utah and the country. Just before joining YAL, Chris managed a campaign where he unseated a 12 year, 3 term incumbent, ultimately winning 74% of the vote for his candidate.

Why create this new position?

It's simple. YAL builds the bench of liberty legislators. Chris will now hold them accountable, help them be effective in office, and prepare them for higher office. 

I'm excited to share with you the stories of our legislative champions who are fighting back against big government around the country.

For liberty,

Cliff Maloney 
Young Americans for Liberty

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